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Electoral areas (also referred to as ridings or constituencies) are geographical areas defined inside Electoral Districts Act. Each electoral region is represented by an associate of Legislative installation (MLA).

You can find at this time 85 electoral areas in British Columbia.

Brand new electoral district boundaries should come into result if the next provincial basic election is called. The second provincial basic election is planned is called on April 11, 2017.

GIS Spatial Data Files*

  • Spatial information for electoral boundaries can be obtained through DataBC’s information Warehouse. For a total report on available datasets including; form files, kml files and transformation tables, please visit Elections BC’s page within the information Catalogue.

* Elections BC doesn't justify or guarantee the accuracy or dependability of spatial data when utilized in combination along with other spatial information. The GIS spatial data files really should not be familiar with figure out a voter’s electoral district or voting location.

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