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British Columbia Region Code Overlays
(604 and 778 and 236) - (250 and 778 and 236)

British Columbia is currently using four location rules. British Columbia has had one location signal split and one area code overlay program, also known as an overlay complex.

Region signal 604 initially covered most of British Columbia. This is sufficient for forty-nine many years until 1996 whenever British Columbia practiced adequate growth in population and telephone used to need an extra location rule. To meet up with the need location signal 604 was split to form 250. the development in Brit Columbia carried on especially in the more Vancouver area, and, Abbotsford and Mission. To meet up this continuing need for brand new telephone numbers area rule 778 was introduced as a concentrated overlay of those areas. In 2008 area code 778 had been broadened to pay for most of location signal 604 and 250.

Modifications and History of British Columbia Area Codes:

Region code 604 was put into service. In 1996 location code 604 was split to make area code 250. In 2001 area code 604 ended up being partially overlaid with area code 778. In 2008 the overlay was expanded to include most of area signal 604 and area signal 250.

Area code 250 had been put into solution. Region code 250 was created from a split of location code 604. In 2008 location signal 250 was overlaid with location rule 778.

Region rule 778 ended up being placed into service. Region signal 778 is an overlay of area codes 604 and 250. In 2008 the overlay design had been expanded to cover all of location codes 604 and 250.

Region code 236 had been put into solution. Area rule 236 is an overlay of area codes 250, 604, and 778. This new overlays are 604/778/236 and 250/778/236.

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