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The archives currently holds around 60 fonds or collections of product produced by one source (a person, a family, a business or an organization) which have been organized and explained and they are accessible to the public. A directory of the main choices is available here. A lot of interesting product can also be found in the Single Item Manuscript Collection, that will be too-large and different to conclude right here. The contents have been indexed and can be searched within the museum's database.


The collection is focused on mining and neighborhood development in the Quesnel area.


Principle holdings feature:

  • The Advocate 1994-1998
  • Ashcroft Journal 1895-1906
  • The Cariboo Observer 1908-present
  • The Cariboo Sentinel 1865-1875
  • The Quesnel Advertiser / Northern Pictorial 1953-1960
  • The Quesnel Advisor 2002-2010
  • Quesnel Nugget 1980-1982

The Cariboo Observer has been digitized thanks to a grant from the BC History Digitization system supported by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre. Reports from 1908 to 2014 can be looked on-line. Click to search the Observer Newspaper Archives.

Oral Records

The dental record collection includes a number of recordings that were produced in the 1950s of "Cariboo Pioneers." Neighborhood historian Branwen Patenaud conducted interviews during 1970s and 1980s, primarily focused on the trail houses associated with the Cariboo Wagon Road. In 2006 the Friends for the Museum initiated a project to interview Seniors and long-time residents of Quesnel. A number of video interviews being completed with funding for exhibits projects. These have mainly dedicated to Chinese and Dakelh Elders. The total interviews can be found through archives. Click the link for a listing of individuals interviewed.


There are just below 13, 000 photographic pictures into the collection. The introduction of Quesnel is recorded through the 1860s for this. The collection also incorporates portraits of location residents and documents personal and recreational activities, the development of transportation, farming, forestry and mining in your community. The collection has-been digitized and listed so that it can be simply searched and accessed within museum and archives.


  • British Columbia Gazette 1936-1978
  • Cariboo and Northwest Process 1945-1960
  • Ministry of Mines Annual Reports 1874-2001
  • Quesnel Phonebooks 1960-present
  • Statutes of British Columbia 1896-1979
  • Statues of Canada 1927-1935 and 1969-1979

Research Library and Research Files

The Museum and Archives comes with a research library with publications about the museum's choices, and neighborhood record. There are also study files regarding local households, organizations and companies which frequently provide a shortcut to relevant product both in the collection additionally the reference library.

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