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A BC guy is on trial in Quesnel for advertising hatred against Jewish individuals through their web site.
Roy Arthur Topham was recharged in 2012, after issues towards RCMP Hate Crimes device.

The indictment charges him with two matters of "communicating statements, other than in personal conversation, that wilfully improve hatred against an identifiable team, folks of the Jewish religion or ethnic beginning."

The charges arise from articles Topham typed or uploaded on his web site, RadicalPress.com, between 2011 and 2013.
The judge and jury in case tend to be examining four binders of material from the web site.

Security is tight at Quesnel Courthouse, in which extra sheriffs take hand, a material detector will be made use of, and the Crown's specialist witness, Len Rudner, has RCMP protection. Rudner is a former long-time staffer utilizing the Canadian Jewish Congress.

Monday in judge, Rudner testified that some of the articles published by Topham and published on his internet site altered and demonized Jewish folks. Rudner testified Topham's articles accused "World Jewry" of beginning World War II, managing the news and planning world domination.

Rudner stated Topham's writing linked Jews because of the devil, including Topham's utilization of the phrase, "Synagogues of Satan."

"[Topham] blames Jews when it comes to war on Hitler, " Rudner testified. "there's absolutely no international conspiracy. There isn't any secret kabal of Jews wanting to manage the entire world."

Testimony challenged

Under cross-examination, Topham's lawyer, Barclay Johnson, challenged Rudner's standing as a professional witness. He argued Rudner was "biased" because he reported to Topham's web site service provider dating back to 2007 about inappropriate, anti-Semitic articles. That issue later formed section of a criminal grievance to RCMP.

"In 2007, you had been compensated by the Canadian Jewish Congress. These days you are compensated by the Crown. As a compensated witness, aren't you likely to say exactly what is necessary to prosecute Mr. Topham and Mr. Topham's website?" Johnson demanded.

Now, Justice Bruce Butler intervened. "I don't realize, " he stated.

"which is ok, " conceded Johnson. "I do not need to go indeed there."

Johnson after that challenged Rudner on their definition of anti-Semitism, arguing the Oxford Dictionary's meaning couldn't make use of the word "hate."

"Would you like to change your definition?" Johnson challenged Rudner. "staying with your guns? Contrary to the many authoritative dictionary in the world?"

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