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Fraser River, British Columbia

Fraser River major of western , draining a big, scenic region of some 92, 000 square kilometers (238, 000 square km) in central . About 70 percent associated with area drained is over 3, 000 feet (900 m) large, and human exploitation with this rather remote location was fairly recent. The all-natural beauties for the lake training course (particularly its spectacular canyon section) plus the surrounding country have actually nonetheless remained reasonably unspoiled. The lake had been named for , which initially descended it toward inside 1808. The , which began in 1858, took place within the Fraser River basin.

From its origin in Yellowhead Lake regarding Brit Columbia–Alberta border, the Fraser flows 851 miles (1, 370 km) to its lips on the . From the mountain source, the river’s course is in the beginning northwestward, descending by gentle gradients over the Rocky Mountain trench. Near 54° N the lake tends to make an excellent bend southward to traverse the inside Plateau then the . Entrenchment and gradients increase progressively downstream, and through Coast Mountains the raging waters traverse a canyon about 5, 000 foot (1, 500 m) deep. Below this canyon the Fraser turns westward to move placidly across an to its debouchment near , B.C. The , which gets in the Fraser about 145 miles (235 km) from the lips, is the most important of numerous tributaries, some of which boost in extensive mountain lakes. Navigation is essential only in in which acts deep-sea ships.

The economic climate associated with Fraser River basin is dependent primarily on . Coniferous forests cover all the Interior Plateau, except in the dry, south valleys, that are covered with slim strips of grassland regarding the lower slopes. Ahead of 1940 tiny sawmills slashed slightly lumber over the three railroad outlines that crossed the basin. After 1950, however, the northward expansion of this Pacific Great Eastern Railway (subsequently called the ) additionally the improvement of highway facilities enhanced the availability regarding the woodlands as well as the merging of smaller organizations, together with the introduction of pulp mills, ingesting chips and tiny woods, heightened the usage of forest resources. Forest products are both transported to Vancouver for international markets or are taken eastward by railway to main therefore the midwestern . The turbulent Fraser River itself is maybe not actually found in the forestry business, even when it comes to transport of logs into the sawmills.

Agriculture hasn't developed greatly within the river basin, excluding cattle ranching regarding the grasslands and top level parklands in the Chilcotin Plateau, western for the Fraser River, plus the Nicola Valley, south for the Thompson River. Ranching had been created in the 1860s to supply the silver mining camps then, after silver mining declined, to produce animal meat on developing town of Vancouver.

The Fraser River could be the major producer of in British Columbia, and its tributaries and headwater lakes will be the spawning reasons of a number of species of salmon. These salmon ascend the river in late summer time to spawn and go downstream here year to expend next two or three many years when you look at the sea. As a result of these migratory habits, salmon fishing occurs mainly from the Fraser River mouth, and just Indians have actually fishing legal rights inside river basin itself. Hydroelectric exploitation of this lake system may eventually threaten salmon migration.

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