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Average Temperatures in British Columbia

Your numbers here inform you how hot and cold the current weather usually is in Vancouver, British Columbia during every month of the season.

The typical large and reasonable conditions are the following month-to-month and yearly when it comes to city, both in levels Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Maximums and minimums are only an element of the heat picture. To complete the rest, there is information on how a number of days monthly get above or below a given heat.

To find out how frequently it rises over 10 or 20 °C every month in Vancouver, scroll down further. There are also month-to-month and yearly matters of days with frost and cold temperatures.

All the figures are long-lasting historical averages based on climate data gathered from 1981 to 2010.

Normal Vancouver conditions
High °F Minimal °F Tall °C Minimal °C
44 34 January
47 35 February
51 38 March 10
56 42 April 13
62 48 May 17
67 53 June 20 12
72 57 July 22 14
66 September 19 11
45 October
43 33 December
12 Months

Times of Warm Weather in Vancouver

Vancouver's hottest times normally have temperatures in high-twenties Celsius. Just once every 3 years on average does the thermometer nudge above 30 levels Celsius (86 °F). Conditions above 35 °C (95 °F) are not expected right here.

Days monthly in Vancouver over 10 or 20 °C
10 °C
50 °F
20 °C
68 °F
251 77

When Vancouver Has Actually Frosty Weather

Vancouver typically has actually 41 days a year as soon as the minimum heat has reached 0 °C or below. The average time the past frost in spring is March 18. Frost ordinarily comes back here on November 10. The frost-free duration stretches for 237 times an average of amongst the final spring frost while the very first fall frost.

Average wide range of days with freezing temperatures in Vancouver
0 °C
32 °F

How Frequently Vancouver Has Winter

Vancouver's chilliest cold temperatures nights have lows between -10 and -20 °C. The city averages just two evenings annually, from November to February, when the thermometer drops that reduced. Temperatures right down to -20 °C (-22 °F) aren't regular right here.

Additionally from November to February, the town can continue to be below freezing all day every day. It usually has just three to four days per year as soon as the temperature never rises above 0 °C.

Days per month typically in Vancouver as soon as the minimum heat falls below -2 or -10 °C
-2 °C
28 °F
-10 °C
14 °F

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