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Consumer cover BC issues travel services licences on the basis of the requirements of company Practices and Customer coverage Act together with Travel Industry Regulation.


These defined activities require a licence:

"Travel agent" suggests somebody who partcipates in business or career of offering or otherwise offering towards the general public travel services given by someone else.

"Travel wholesaler" suggests an individual who partcipates in the business or profession of:

  1. purchasing or acquiring from another person rights to travel solutions for the true purpose of selling; or
  2. coping with travel agents or other travel wholesalers for the sale of travel services given by someone else.

"Travel service" means:

  1. transport;
  2. accommodation; or
  3. another service combined with transportation or accommodation
which when it comes to usage or advantage of a traveller, visitor or sightseer.

Travel Agent Licencing and Area Clarification
Customer coverage BC is providing some clarification to your manner in which travel agents and vacation wholesale suppliers tend to be licenced and where they may be able run. This clarification is in reaction to a changing market, and comments from our companies and stakeholder groups.

Last year, the BC Travel Industry Regulation (TIR) ended up being altered making it possible for BC licenced travel companies and travel wholesalers to use from places except that commercial/retail addresses. Since this modification, there's been growing need for even more mobility in exactly how businesses are licenced and in which they may run. Customer cover BC is using companies and with the Travel business Advisory Group (TIAG) to locate solutions that advantage business, protect customers, and are in line with what the law states.

The next clarification is meant to aid travel companies with regards to understanding and explanation of legislation. More info are available on the customer coverage BC vacation business portal at:


According to BC legislation, a travel broker is “an entity engaged in the business or occupation of attempting to sell, or else providing travel solutions into the public”. This consists of proprietorships, partnerships and corporations.

Individuals who work with licenced travel companies as staff members or under separate contractor agreements on behalf of the licenced company cannot need separate travel agency licences. These persons may operate under the licence of the employer/business under particular circumstances. However, if they work not in the retail place they might need a branch company licence.

The vacation business has its own terms to explain separate technicians therefore the arrangements between travel agents and these separate technicians often vary. Consumer cover BC may require copies of contracts or agreements to help make a determination on just who requires licencing. These agreements are assessed on a case-by-case foundation.

1. Workers: men and women working for a licenced travel representative and defined as staff members based on the Canada income Agency and/or BC Employment Standards Act.

2. Independent Contractors: Those people who work as “agents” of a licenced vacation agent consequently they are involved with the career of attempting to sell or elsewhere offering vacation services. These folks usually run under a contract or other agreement that enables them to access agreements and take part in other pursuits on the behalf of the licensee when attempting to sell vacation solutions. Usually, these employees are compensated on a straight percentage basis and granted Revenue Canada T4A work slips for taxation reasons.

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