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The character Trust of British Columbia is a number one land preservation company situated in BC. We acquire environmentally significant land through acquisition, contribution, covenant and lease. Then we care for this land being protect the natural diversity of wildlife and flowers, and their important habitats.

We are a non-profit, non-advocacy group that seeks a balance between sustaining the environment and sustaining our economic climate. Collaboration is a hallmark of this Nature Trust’s years of working with local communities across our province.

Partnership is key to our success. We make use of individual donors, foundations, stewardship groups, corporations, and all sorts of quantities of government to achieve our goals.

Since 1971, the type Trust along with our lovers features spent above $80 million to secure over 70, 000 hectares (175, 000 acres) of land. This consists of over 23, 000 hectares (56, 000 acres) which possessed, leased or covenanted and over 47, 000 hectares (116, 000 acres) this is certainly under grazing licenses for the Biodiversity Ranches into the Okanagan.

With every donation a donor tends to make, we know the trust that is being positioned in our fingers. This is the reason our organization locations a top priority on running in a fiscally responsible manner. We carry no debt no mortgages and undertake yearly audits. A good investment and finance board committee establishes policies and reviews quarterly shows.

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