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If you were to do a term association online game and Victoria popped up just what could you think of?

We straight away think about tea and crumpets, The Empress resort, and Butchart Gardens.

But there’s really a great deal more into the town. It’s very popular with tourists – most likely since it’s these types of a fairly town with too much to see and a lot taking place. Restaurants are great and it’s near to many vineyards also. It’s an outdoorsy spot with a lot of walking and cycling trails plus in the summer the ocean kayaking within the nearby Gulf Islands is superlative.

As well as for some back ground on Victoria – a city that is been known as –more Uk as compared to Brit – listed here are 30 strange, enjoyable, interesting and downright helpful factual statements about the city.

  • Victoria could be the capital of British Columbia. It had been incorporated as a city in 1862.
  • The city is named after Queen Victoria.
  • Victoria lies on south tip of Vancouver Island on Pacific Coast.
  • The people of Victoria is 344, 615 give or take a hundred or so. It’s already been known as the town regarding the newly wed or nearly dead. nearly 18percent associated with the populace is over 65 years of age.
  • The median age in Victoria is 43.1 years – about four years avove the age of in metro Vancouver.
  • Victoria has actually four sister towns and cities – Napier in brand new Zealand, Morioka in Japan, Suzhou in Asia and Khabarovsk in Russia.
  • Victoria’s Chinatown is the second earliest in North America after San Francisco. You’ll discover the narrowest street in most of Canada right here.
  • Roughly 3.5 million site visitors spend about per night in Victoria each year. you can find another 50, 000 visitors whom come for everyday just – mainly via cruise-ships.
  • Highly successful people from Victoria include singer Nelly Furtado, baseball celebrity Steve Nash, musician David Foster, director Adam Egoyan, artists Nick Bantock and Jack Shadbolt,
  • Victoria is the western terminus regarding the Trans-Canada Highway.
  • The common everyday warm when you look at the winter months in Victoria is 8.2 C as well as the reduced is 3.6 C. during the summer the average high temperature is 19.6 C plus the reduced is 11.3 C.
  • The greatest temperature ever recorded in Victoria ended up being 35.3 C on July 23, 2004.
  • The coldest temperature on record was -15.6 C on December 29, 1968.
  • Victoria is within the rain shadow of Washington’s Olympic Mountains. It ends up getting an average of 608 mm of rain per year. Compare that to Vancouver which obtains 1, 589 mm. Interestingly Port Renfrew, just 80 kilometers far from Victoria on coastline receives 3, 671 mm of rainfall each year. (Nearly two-thirds of Victoria’s precipitation drops between November and February.)
  • Victoria gets 2, 183 hours of sunlight each year and eight months being frost-free.
  • On the summer solstice the sunlight rises at 5:11 am and sets at 9:22 pm. In the winter months solstice the sun rises at 8:04 am and sets at 4:20 pm.
  • The famous opened in 1904, are merely about a 25 minute drive from downtown Victoria. They could be valued in most months but they are particularly spectacular in spring. The home gardens have emerged by over one million folks annually.
  • Victoria has the 2nd highest range restaurants per capita in North America, second and then bay area.
  • You will find over 70 town parks including Beacon Hill Park which boasts vistas throughout the Juan de Fuca Strait. Beacon Hill Park normally residence towards Mile “0” marker for 8, 000 kilometer Trans-Canada Trail.
  • Victoria’s Inner Harbour could be the heart of city. It’s flanked by historic structures and views all sorts of watercraft and floatplane activity from the water. The Fairmont Empress resort, the Royal BC Museum and BC Parliament Buildings are in this area.

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