891 FUNN STREET, Quesnel, BC

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Maeford spot can be found in downtown Quesnel, a town of around 10, 500 individuals in Northern British Columbia.

Each apartment is finished 500 sq ft and includes the full kitchen area, room and restroom. The building features typical amenity spaces including dining and lounge places, barbeque patio and a soothing spa with whirlpool bathtub.

Maeford Put is a 36 unit assisted living residence managed under contract on Northern Health Authority. Renters are evaluated for qualifications because of the health expert and regarded inSite to set up move in. The residence features these individual treatment and help solutions to help renters in their pursuit to continue living independently.

  • Individual Care including assistance with tasks of daily living and medication management
  • a twenty-four hour staffing model / disaster response
  • Lunch and Dinner every day
  • Weekly housekeeping in your package
  • Weekly laundering of one's sheets and towels
  • Personal and leisure system organized all over passions regarding the tenant populace
  • Monthly Tenant’s Council; a great venue for interaction and tenant involvement in decisions that influence neighborhood life
  • Monthly cook Club; an opportunity for tenants to generally meet utilizing the Cooks and possess input into the selection and special activities planning.

Can you, or your beloved love to live here? Seniors are evaluated for tenancy because of the after which known inSite. Please contact the right Assisted residing workplace for information.

574 Kinchant Street
Quesnel, BC V2J 2R8

Telephone: 250.992.8342
Fax: 250.992.8392 (Mgr: ext. 200)

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