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Rentals in Quesnel

The avid canoer, Quesnel Lake Caribou Lodge offers canoe rental, a restful stopover, and a fantastic break from a cross-country jaunt. For canoers preparing an outting that begins at extended Lake and goes on down the mighty Manigotagan, Quesnel Lake Caribou Lodge is located en-route within north tip of Quesnel Lake.

We provide a welcomed over night break in your travel with a unique canoer's bundle for groups of four or maybe more. Quesnel Lake Caribou Lodge provides lodging, a hot bath, sauna, and all sorts of the amenities of your cooking area. You will have an opportunity to prepare and luxuriate in your own home prepared dinner.


If you group is thinking about releasing at Quesnel Lake and shooting the Manigotagan run, consider showing up the afternoon before, soothing in the lodge for the night before having an early deviation the following morning. This can be a reasonable and convenient piece of your trip that your particular group may choose to consider.

Canoe Rentals

Equipment Canadian $
a day
16 base Royalex canoe with paddle and PFD 43

C & M Shuttle Provider

C & M Shuttle Service provide service from the Manigotagan and other streams regarding east side of Lake Winnipeg. They offer all canoers and kayakers by driving all of them with their own vehicle. They can bring the automobile back again to Manigotagan and park and maintain them before the celebration arrives back town.

Shuttle service is offered from May 1 to October 31, dependent on ice breakup and freeze up.

  • Ebony River (crossing 314) $160
  • Manigotagan River (crossing 314) $150
  • Beresford Lake landing $140
  • Extended Lake landing $130
  • Quesnel Lake Caribou Getting $120

* All rates include parking and subject to transform due to evening driving or other circumstances.

* All licensed motorists

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