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Cinema in Quesnel British Columbia

Date Established: 1977

Size: 68 ha


Ecological Reserves are areas in Uk Columbia selected to protect representative and unique all-natural ecosystems, plant and animal species, features, and phenomena. Ecological Reserves give you the greatest amount of defense for the upkeep of physical and biological diversity while making it possible for research and educational activities. Click here for more information on Ecological Reserves.

Cinema Bog Ecological Reserve had been established to protect accessible diverse bog habitats containing many flowers at or near their particular south limitation of distribution.

Detailed Ecological Reserve Explanation

BC Parks has created a detailed description of each and every Ecological Reserve to guide existing or potential education and analysis. Each account includes physical, biological, and cultural information and management issues concerning the Ecological Reserve, with references to promoting papers in which available. Additional documents can also be provided, upon request.

Area and Maps

Any maps detailed tend to be for information only - they could not express appropriate boundaries and really should not be utilized for navigation.

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