Colony of British Columbia

British Columbia Flags

The nationwide Flag of Canada together with flags of provinces, territories and neighborhood governing bodies are symbols of honour and pleasure for Canadians.

The way that flags tend to be displayed in Canada is governed by well-known rehearse. For example, each flag should have its pole, and flags flown together must be the exact same size and dimension.

Flying Flags at Half-Mast

Flying flags on half-mast place (PDF) is an indication of value and mourning for an individual or even mark a particular time. The position of this banner when traveling at half-mast is determined by its dimensions, the length of the flagstaff and its own place. Half-mast typically implies the positioning of banner is precisely half-way down the banner pole.

Work of Protocol administers the insurance policy for flying flags at half-mast. All federal government buildings in B.C., including the Legislative building and all various other public industry buildings, must stick to the half-masting guidelines (PDF). These guidelines act as a guideline regarding various other building or residence in the province that flies a provincial banner.

Along with flying flags at half-mast to identify and mourn a demise, listed here special times are also seen:

  • April 9 – Vimy Ridge Day (within B.C. Legislature only)
  • April 28 – Workers’ Mourning Day
  • Summer 23 – National day's Remembrance for Victims of Terrorism
  • Last Sunday in September – Police and Peace Officers’ nationwide Memorial Day
  • November 11 – Remembrance Day
  • December 6 – nationwide Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

Changing Graphics of B.C.'s Flag

You may possibly resize the entire, intact picture of B.C. flag, so long as the horizontal and straight machines tend to be preserved when you look at the proper proportions (5 x 3). But you can not modify electronic images associated with flag in any various other way including condensing, broadening, re-arranging or distorting the picture.

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