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British Columbian flag

The method that you spot flags is dependent on the number of flags as well as the ranking of each and every flag. The area of the position of honour depends on the sheer number of flags flown additionally the plumped for setup.

Find out how to put:

Two Flags

Whenever two flags are displayed, to an observer dealing with the flags, the position of honour is on remaining. For instance, when Canada’s flag and B.C.’s flag tend to be flown collectively, Canada’s banner is regarding the remaining and B.C.’s is regarding the right. In B.C., when our flag is flown with another nationwide, provincial or state banner, B.C.’s flag keeps the position of honour.

Three Flags

Whenever three flags are exhibited, the positioning of honour is within the center. To an observer dealing with the show, the second-ranking banner (trying of precedence) is put to the left of center in addition to other off to the right.

Multiple Flags

Whenever more than three flags are flown, the position of honour is furthest left, accompanied by various other flags to be able of precedence:

  1. The Nationwide Flag of Canada
  2. The flags of other sovereign nations in alphabetical purchase (if relevant)
  3. The flags of municipalities/cities
  4. Banners of businesses
  5. Historical Flags

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