442 RICHARDS ROAD, Quesnel, BC

Rent car in Quesnel British Columbia

Map of Budget Location:Prince George Budget Location Information

Location Email Address

955 First Avenue
Prince George, BC, V2L 2Y4, Canada

Phone Number: Hours of Procedure:

Sunlight 9:00 was - 5:00 PM
Mon - Sat 8:00 in the morning - 5:30 PM

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Additional Location Information

Choose from a wide variety of vehicles at Budget Prince George, browse the most recent Prince George Car local rental Discounts, and start to become confident that you are receiving top leasing prices in British Columbia!

Book a Car Rental at Prince George in 60 seconds!

Check always Prices at Prince George

Fastbreak providers offered at Prince George

Drive wise. Save huge. Pay today.

Pay today and conserve to 35%.

  • Select the Pay today rate and get as much as 35percent off non-discounted base prices at most areas.
  • We recognize that plans modification. If you cancel ahead of your pick-up time, we are going to refund the full quantity, and only charge a $50 processing cost.
  • Unless you get the vehicle whatsoever, we will refund extent less a $150 no-show processing charge.
  • Don't forget to bring your ID as well as the bank card regularly complete your reservation once you get your local rental car.

Terms and Conditions

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