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Quesnel Forks had been your website of this earliest mining camp in the Cariboo. It really is a hauntingly beautiful ghost town at the end of a narrow mountain road, 13 Km (9 Miles) northwest of Likely. It's the last remaining ghost town in BC and has a brief history that dates back to 1859. Because of the very early 1860's, gold fever had been widespread during the forks of Quesnel and Cariboo Rivers and "The Forks" rapidly became a rowdy gold camp attracting close to 5, 000 individuals. Despite prospectors moved more north, the Forks remained a busy centre until bypassed because of the Cariboo Waggon path. By 1875, it became a thriving Chinese community with more than 200 merchants and miners. Your website had several revivals, but through the 1920's almost all of the area mines sealed and by 1956, it was abandoned.

Today, Quesnel Forks is lovingly cared for by the possible Cemetery Society. They've erected signposts. They have additionally researched and fixed most grave markers as they are slowly restoring cabins. The cemetery is placed into a hillside covered with white birch, old fir and wild plants. BC Forestry preserves the campground - one of the best in province.

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