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About The GymGym History
In 1980 the initial area of Victoria Gymnastics was in the annex right behind Christ Church Cathedral at 912 Vancouver Street. Because of development, the center at 2829 Quesnel Street became our home in 1992, after which we moved once again in 2004 to the present state-of-the-art purpose built center at 2051 Store Street.

Even while the current director/owner, Andy Poirier, and program supervisors Shirley Campbell and Shaun Dalzell have offered the school using persistence expected to develop a school which has stood the test of the time as Victoria’s premiere gymnastics company.
Over 35, 000 young ones took component within our numerous programs. It’s not unusual that students just who attended during the early eighty’s has actually their kids signed up for a program – they're usually quite amazed to see our familiar faces.

  • We guarantee our proportion of 8 students per teacher.
  • Our center is permanently establish with state of the art gear for both girls and boys.
  • Charges are examined month to month without punishment for cancellation.
  • Our center is cleansed and ozone treated each day.
  • We've skilled teachers who are continually updating their understanding base though additional official certification and coaching centers.
  • Our program framework is highly organized and rewards pupils whilst the progress through the entire understanding procedure for all the 14 amounts.

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