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We advise a paint task when it comes to Liberal promotion automobile: If you don’t recall the old livery, here it really is: Christy “I never ever tell a lie, but i might make use of alternate realities” […]

George Orwell: governmental language …is built to make lies sound honest and murder respectable, also to give a look of solidity to pure wind. Although BC’s financial obligation and responsibilities enhanced $99 billion in a decade, Liberals claim the province is “on track is free from any operating financial obligation by 2021.”

a visitor post from Roger Bryenton P.Eng. (former), MBA, Energy Systems Consultant, Suzuki and SPEC elder.

BC residents haven't been told the full facts about website C and BC Hydro’s markets for electricity.

BC Hydro’s management are utilizing deferral reports and bookkeeping trickery to conceal the company’s economic circumstances and leads and they are informing outright mistruths about need for electricity by consumers in British Columbia.

We all know the Premier vowed for website C dam after dark “point of no return” prior to the May 2017 provincial election. Clark’s Liberals have actually unique known reasons for website C haste and these eventually would be revealed, perhaps by a postmortem report of an inquiry in to the economic destruction of BC Hydro. However, we do know for sure that incautiously pressing a project forward are high priced. Unfortunately, the cost of error will fall not on decision makers but on taxpayers not rich enough to hide their particular income somewhere else.

Is there secret reasons why Liberals committed huge amounts of bucks for Site C to create power that BC consumers won’t need, even in the distant future? Have we'd suggestions of the reason why discover a rush toward just what Premier Clark called the idea of no return and exactly what other individuals called a route to no place? Do those explanations have actually almost anything to do because of the gratifying practices of prime Site C technicians?

Jesse Brown’s Canadaland is an aweless romp through general public affairs, mostly Toronto-centric but striving to pay for attention, sporadically about, to stories outside Upper Canada. Canadaland is on my podcast list and […]

The British Columbia Liberal 2001 election system had 37 sources promising enhanced democracy, increased accountability or higher open government. Its 2013 platform had not one, due to the fact celebration had lost fascination with the goals, perhaps not because they was achieved. If any party strayed far from principles that first first got it elected government, it is the one led today by Christy Clark. In the event that you question my assertion, read through a brand new Era for British Columbia. That document had been made by Gordon Campbell and his colleagues. Some will think that it absolutely was a pack of lies right away. Others would argue — excepting the web page 9 promise to “not sell or privatize BC Rail” — that the Liberal Party began with great objectives and lost its method, corrupted by wide range and energy…

Three months prior to the 2013 provincial election, Christy Clark’s federal government granted a Speech through the Throne that made a few grandiloquent asseverations. Today, the 2017 Speech from Throne ended up being provided to […]

Looming catastrophes in BC, ON and LN get one thing in common. They are the work of Liberal government influenced and politically manipulated Crown corporations.

The group of realities that troubles BC Hydro professionals most is the the one that most readily useful reveals their particular deceptions. The intake of electrical energy within province has actually remained steady for several years. In fact, the very first 50 % of the existing fiscal 12 months reveals usage is down by 2.1percent, compared to the preceding 12 months. Under its existing Liberal course, BC Hydro’s management forgets the organization’s original purpose. Today, the target is to deliver benefits to a small set of individuals and corporations and have ordinary people pay the price, whether it is inexpensive or perhaps not.

After times of saying certified Opposition supporters had been hackers engaged in dirty politics, Premier Clark finally made the walk back. Ends Up there clearly was no computer hacking included; there is simply an error […]

My graphic pictures for the drop in BC’s propane revenues – despite 2013 election guarantees of up to $100 billion in revenues about LNG – should really be look over along with […]

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