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There are certain ponds in North America that hold the thing I call "super trout." They're unique figures of liquid with rainbow trout which have the genetics and food sources to grow into the 20 lb-plus course. Kootenay Lake, Lake Pend Orielle, Naknek Lake and Lake Illiamna are most likely probably the most well known regarding the extremely trout waters as a result of the quantity of fishing camps that service them and their tributaries. But the big four aren't the only locations in which we find super trout. Lesser-known Quesnel Lake inside Cariboo region of British Columbia is another. Quesnel has become the most useful kept fishing secret throughout of united states largely due to the couple of outfitters on the lake as well as its remoteness. We rate Quesnel Lake as one of the top ten big trout oceans about this continent.

One reason why that Quesnel has actually such big rainbow trout is that the pond is a big human anatomy of water. Quesnel has a length of 120 kilometer (75 miles) and is the deepest and longest fjord pond in North America. A preliminary evaluation can provide the effect that Quesnel is a little ocean and, much like the blue seas, the lake holds numerous seafood types, including pond trout, Dolly Varden, sockeye, kokanee plus the rainbow trout. This isn't simply a large trout fishery. You will find smaller rainbows, from two to four pounds, that cruise the shorelines of lake in which they feast upon pests and that can be easily caught. Nevertheless the trophy hunter will pay attention to the big mature fish. The alternative is much like I told a hunting partner which was chasing after a blacktail deer on a bow-hunting journey for elk. "You don't stick a doe whenever there are huge bulls around."

The key to looking the trophy rainbows is to understand their particular meals source - the kokanee and sockeye salmon grownups and smolts. These victim fish usually feast upon or near the area in open water on zooplankton which is local plumber to connect in to the big rainbows.

Other options are if the rainbows tend to be moving to spawn in or give during the mouths of nearby Horsefly and Mitchell rivers. The sockeye also migrate inside and outside associated with lake and the kokanee spawn in pond. Both of these periods are opportune to catch the big rainbows that feed on all of them and their particular eggs.

This might be a sizable and complicated lake and greatest approached aided by the support of a seasoned guide.

Quesnel Lake would work for standard angling and trolling fly-fishing with big streamers. You aren't likely to be casting from a float tube with this lake, although numerous opportunities exist regarding smaller oceans nearby. Understand that the rainbows are feeding from the kokanee which can be subsequently feast upon the zooplankton, which are feeding in the phytoplankton out in the pond. The wind and existing tend to be shuffling round the phytoplankton and zooplankton. The kokanee are moving much faster than you are able to get caught up and cast to so trolling is important. The top rainbows may also be individual predators and also the...

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