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2012 Perform Plan scheduled

- A large-scale initiative to produce and implement steps to cut back land activity in Quesnel is planned to start inside springtime of 2012. The western Quesnel Land Stability full-scale dewatering system, a $4.7 million task, will: install 14 pumping wells; build nine horizontal strain websites comprising a lot more than 70 drains; and offer considerable storm liquid system improvements for West Quesnel and location residents.
The Government of Canada, Province of British Columbia and City of Quesnel are each contributing $1.57 million through the Building Canada Fund – Communities Component program, element of Canada’s financial Action Plan, to fund the full-scale dewatering program budget.

Dewatering spending plan ready

- City Council accepted an application spending plan of $3.685 million (including HST) for West Quesnel Land Stability plan's full-scale dewatering initiative. Of the, $2.664 million is actually for well drilling, drainage updates, site preparation and other capital works, while $782, 150 is actually for detailed engineering work, data management, tracking, task management, water screening and reporting. Both agreements were granted by Council to AMEC world and ecological, the City's long-time geotechnical professional from the WQLS system. The remaining $176, 000 agreement ended up being awarded to Urban Systems, the town's long-lasting civil manufacturing firm. Two-thirds associated with money is given by a grant from the national and provincial governments.

The City is waiting around for the task's ecological Assessment is approved by senior federal government. Once this happens the project will proceed.

Land Stability system gets financing

- The City of Quesnel has gotten above $3.14 million from the Building Canada plan to go towards a full-scale dewatering program for the West Quesnel Land Stability plan. The City will be in charge of offering $1.57 million as the share of the task financing. The news ended up being announced yesterday mid-day because of the national and provincial governments.

Open Home managed by City

- The City hosted an Open home on Thursday June 11 at Voyageur Elementary. The outcome of the system currently as well as a summary of the proposed next steps ended up being covered. Around 40 folks went to the conference.

City relates for grant investment

- A full-scale dewatering and drainage program happens to be created. The City is now definitely seeking investment from senior government to support this program's execution.

At its regular Council meeting of March 9 2009, Council directed staff to sign up to your Building Canada Grant system for the West Quesnel Land Stability Program.

The application wants roughly $11.9 million: $3.47 million for pumping and keeping track of wells; $7.45 million for brand new storm drainage systems; and $1 million for a leak detection system. The town would-be accountable, in the event that grant is prosperous, for providing one-third of the project’s total cost, or $3.98 million.

That application is submitted and is being assessed by the provincial federal government.

City proceeds with dewatering development

- Council approved spending roughly $61, 000 to design a full-scale dewatering program for western Quesnel Land Stability study area. Monitoring costs for 2008 are below spending plan, which left a surplus of $85, 522 inside western Quesnel Land Stability account. This excess would be accustomed design the next step of the program. The town will advise the Ministry regarding the recommended action and look for endorsement of the program.

The town has actually invested more than $1 million towards finding a lasting treatment for the WQLS concern. The provincial federal government has furnished near to $1.2 million.

Trial dewatering program total

Spring 2008 - The trial dewatering program when it comes to western Quesnel Land Stability study location is complete. Results revealed that in places where liquid ended up being taken from the bottom, nearby monitoring programs revealed reduced groundwater levels and pressures, which will be considered crucial to slowing the movement. The town's manufacturing company has advised developing a fully-costed dewatering system given that alternative in the act. The last reports happen posted to the provincial federal government for technical review.

Provincial Government Funding Willpower:

During the early 2006 the Province of B.C. committed $1.2 million toward the capital for the after that stage of work with the western Quesnel Land Stability system. This commitment lead from considerable lobby attempts that have been sustained by Quesnel residents whom wrote letters and post cards to bolster the necessity for capital from provincial government.

Professional Assessment by Leading Geoscientist

Within the application procedure for provincial money, the Province involved the services of Dr. Norbert Morgenstern of University of Alberta, to perform a professional overview of the western Quesnel Land Stability system. Dr. Morgenstern is generally accepted as one of the leading geoscientists in united states and Quesnel is fortunate to have the benefit of his expertise.

Dr. Morgenstern confirmed the direction of the western Quesnel Land Stability plan and it is very supportive of initiative. He verified the quality of engineering strive to time and supplied assistance for the following measures.

Contact and Location

City Hall
410 Kinchant Street
Quesnel, BC V2J 7J5
250.992.2111 (t)

Business Hours

8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday (excluding statutory vacations)

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