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British Columbia for Kids

Uk Columbia could be the western many Canadian province. Victoria could be the capital town.

The Rocky Mountains rundown the border of Alberta and British Columbia and extend to the US.

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small creek outside Cranbrook, BC

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The British Columbia provincial banner had been adopted in 1960. It illustrates the Union Jack on top. The underside reveals blue and white wavy lines topped by a setting sunshine. The lines represent the Pacific Ocean (BC's West shore) and also the Rocky Mountains (BC's east border)

The Pacific dogwood ended up being stated British Columbia's provincial flower in 1956. It grows inside Western the main province, primarily near channels.

The Steller's Jay was followed as British Columbia's provincial bird on December 17, 1987.

It is an omnivore, feeding on eggs, pests, peanuts, seeds and acorns. Every year, breeding sets set 2 to 6 eggs.

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