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1852 — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints officially declares the doctrine of plural marriages.

1888 — Charles O. Card, a fugitive fleeing costs of polygamy, arrives in Canada and asks the prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, for special dispensation to bring their particular plural spouses also people towards the community known as Cardston. Macdonald declined and purchased the Northwest Mounted Police to watch the Mormons very carefully. In 1889, the government passes legislation outlawing polygamy that especially mentions Mormons.

1890 — The conventional Mormon chapel renounces polygamy under great pressure from the U.S. government, which threatened to deliver the military into Utah.

1946 — Harold Blackmore buys residential property near Creston, where he establishes a residential area now-known as Bountiful. The type of whom decided there have been his uncle, Ray Blackmore, and Dalmon Oler.

1961 — Robert Crossfield, aka Prophet Onias, begins having revelations and moves to Bountiful. He preaches that it is sinful for a guy to coerce a lady to get married him or to ask a woman to get married him. He thought women must choose for the wedding to be legitimate. He's eventually kicked out from the neighborhood and ex-communicated by both the popular Mormon chapel while the group that became referred to as Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints.

— RCMP conclude a 13-month research and recommend polygamy fees be laid against Dalmon Oler and Ray Blackmore’s child, Winston, who was simply the bishop. Eight months later, Attorney General Colin Gabelman determines to not set costs after getting a legal viewpoint that suggests that the polygamy area of the Criminal Code is unconstitutional.

1993 — The B.C. Women’s ministry releases a written report known as Life In Bountiful that outlines abuses, including kid brides plus the practice of girls becoming traded forward and backward over the border.

2002 — Ray Blackmore’s boy, Winston, is ex-communicated and Dalmon Oler’s son, James Oler, becomes the FLDS bishop of Bountiful. The city splits between FLDS loyalists and people which follow Blackmore. The type of which choose the FLDS tend to be Winston’s older sibling, Brandon Blackmore, along with his spouses, including Emily Crossfield (aka Gail Blackmore).

— B.C. lawyer General Geoff Plant launches an investigation into allegations of sex exploitation and abuse in Bountiful, however it is a lot more than annually before the RCMP appoint two senior detectives.

— specialized Prosecutor Richard Peck questions perhaps the polygamy law is constitutional and advises the B.C. legal of Appeal determine that. Wally Oppal, a former legal of Appeal justice, disagrees and monthly later on appoints another special prosecutor, Leonard Doust, to examine the data and Peck’s decision. But seven months later, Doust will follow Peck. Oppal appoints another special prosecutor, Terry Robertson, would you suggest fees.

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