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Food security – making sure our food is safe to eat – is very important for all of us. One out of eight British Columbians have a food-borne infection (“food poisoning”) yearly.

Food-borne illness arises from eating food polluted with micro-organisms, parasites or viruses, poisonous chemicals or all-natural substances including poisonous mushrooms. Typical observable symptoms include diarrhoea, nausea, nausea, stomach cramps and temperature. People may well not recognize they've a food-borne disease because they could possibly get unwell hours if not days after consuming the polluted meals.

Many people are ill for a few times and then get better. But food-borne disease could be life threatening for specially vulnerable men and women, such as for instance children, expectant mothers, seniors and people with poor protected methods.

The Ministry of wellness stocks the duty for ensuring a secure meals supply using Ministry of Agriculture, BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC), wellness authorities and Canadian Food Inspection department.

Find out about meals security in B.C.:

Food Security

Meals security is the foundation for healthier eating and requires a meals supply this is certainly stable and lasting. One is considered meals secure if they have access to with self-esteem, balanced diet that's affordable, safe, culturally appropriate, and satisfies their particular nutritional requirements and choices.

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