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1. The Rocky Mountaineer may be the just train that journeys between Vancouver and Banff National Park, Vancouver and Lake Louise and between Whistler and Jasper nationwide Park.

Service is available in both guidelines from April 19 to October 14, 2016 and April 18 to October 13, 2017. The Rocky Mountaineer additionally travels between Vancouver and Jasper nationwide Park during this time.

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2. Excluding the two time / 1 night train trip, visit begin times won't be the same as train deviation times. Packages start out with an overnight stay the night time prior to the train departs. Therefore, for example, a package that begins on a Sunday includes a hotel stay on Sunday and a train departure on Monday.

3. The Rocky Mountaineer is an all daylight train so that it does not vacation through the night, therefore don’t sleep through surroundings. Rather, the train travels in the day then prevents at night at Kamloops, a town within the British Columbia interior while the midpoint on the journey. (Between Whistler and Jasper, the train prevents in Quesnel)

You receive from the train in Kamloops (or Quesnel) and board waiting buses the quick ride from the train station on hotel in which you’ll spend the evening.

Listed here morning, buses get back you to the train station for which you reboard the Rocky Mountaineer to keep your journey.

4. The Rocky Mountaineer is a regular train operating from the last two weeks in April before first couple of days in October. During the remaining 12 months, there is absolutely no train service between Vancouver and Banff, between Vancouver and Lake Louise or between Whistler and Jasper.

5. Rocky Mountaineer plans are made around train trips along with hotel stays, transfers, trips, activities and sightseeing.

6. Rocky Mountaineer Trans Canada and coast-to-coast bundles consist of all daylight travel in the Rocky Mountaineer between Vancouver and Banff.

As soon as you reach Banff nationwide Park, your Rocky Mountaineer experience continues with a tour through the Rockies by engine mentor or rental car just before board the ViaRail train, settle into the private room and vacation from Jasper to Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City and/or Halifax.

Desirable Canadian Rockies Train Bundles

1. We've 4 round-trip Rocky Mountaineer bundles that begin and result in Vancouver and can include either 4 times regarding the Rocky Mountaineer or 2 days in the Rocky Mountaineer and another day one on night from the ViaRail train.

2. Rocky Mountaineer Rail and Drive packages give you the possiblity to benefit from the Canadian Rockies at your own personal speed. These bundles include your train trip, resorts, activities and a complete dimensions leasing automobile with unlimited mileage and a Gypsy Guide, commentary system that’s like having your very own exclusive led tour.

3. Rocky Mountaineer a good way bundles enable you to begin your journey in Vancouver and end up in Calgary. This way you will be nearer to home if you're when you look at the midwest or regarding the east coastline and you won’t do any backtracking.

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