Colony of British Columbia

The flag of British Columbia

Flag of British ColumbiaCanadian provincial that is horizontally split, bearing an elongated emblem with its upper half and wavy stripes of white and blue and a stylized part of the sun in its lower 1 / 2. In the middle associated with the is a golden crown.

A unique seal had been established in 1896 for , centered on a design because of the clergyman Arthur John Beanlands. To stress loyalty to the uk, he placed the Union Jack on a guard; the maritime nature of British Columbia was mirrored within the wavy white and blue stripes when you look at the chief (upper part of the guard). Beanlands used the stylized sunlight on stripes to refer towards far west area of British Columbia. The provincial motto, “Splendor sine occasu” (“Splendour without setting” or “Splendour without diminishment”), ended up being set underneath the guard. When you look at the royal warrant of March 31, 1906, the Union Jack as well as the stripes were corrected: the main (upper component) now holds the Union Jack whilst blue and white stripes fill other shield. Furthermore the warrant included an “antique crown” at center of the Union Jack.

Some 60 many years later, Premier William Andrew Cecil Bennett discovered that the 1906 grant of hands permitted the shield become transformed straight into a flag and that this use had been supported by heraldic law. His federal government thus avoided political discussion towards propriety of any recommended design. An established this armorial advertising for British Columbia on June 20, 1960; but the horizontal model of the flag intended your Union Jack associated with the hands stretched a lot more than twice its typical length as the sunshine and stripes had been likewise distorted. In keeping with heraldic tradition, no symbolism is associated with the tints of design.

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