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Quesnel Twin Arenas

Prior for this project, the roof for Arena 2 on Twin Arenas had been more or less eighteen years old plus the tar and gravel roof desperately needed to be changed in order to preserve procedure associated with the arena. The improvements doing under this task enables a wide range of crucial neighborhood events to continue to be held in Quesnel, while also offering sustained fun and energetic lifestyle options for residents, childhood, and seniors in the community. In particular, the Quesnel Figure Skating Club depends on Twin Arena 2 as the home for practices and regional occasions.

The City of Quesnel had originally in the offing to correct the roofing this season following 2009 working season. Ahead of the replacement, the leaks in arena were becoming managed with buckets suspended from rafters of this arena. Some cancellations of ice time were unfortuitously needed, which highlighted the need for a unique roofing last year. The new roofing is a 'torch on' roofing which can be a significant enhancement and certainly will enable the center to remain operational for many years in to the future.

"The Twin Arenas roofing project had been essential to prolong the life span of Arena 2 at Twin Arenas and also to make certain that the facility is still a significant hub for recreation tourism in Quesnel. The center consistently host a variety of tournaments and occasions that attract tourists to Quesnel including a figure skating workshop becoming carried out by Kurt Browning the Quesnel Figure Skating Club in the pipeline for springtime 2012."

Jeff Norburn, General Manager of Community Providers, City of Quesnel

Good Economic Impacts in Quesnel

The Quesnel and District Twin Arenas serve as the principal attractions for recreation tourism in your community. The arenas host many sporting tournaments and competititons, in addition to big community events eg industry events. These activities tend to be numerous day activities that require individuals from around BC in which to stay the Quesnel location for several times, taking benefits the hospitality industry additionally the remaining portion of the neighborhood economy.The repair of the roof itself offered employment for six fulltime roofing contractors the same in principle as four weeks and has now assisted to ensure that the arena continues to be working, safeguarding the tasks of current arena workers.

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