Provincial Flower of British Columbia

In British Columbia, the flower associated with dogwood tree (Cornus Nuttalli) became the official floral emblem in 1956. The columbine had been recommended.

The Pacific Dogwood (Cornus Nauttallii) had been followed in 1956 as British Columbia's flowery emblem. The Pacific Dogwood is a tree that expands six to eight metres large and plants in April and will. In Autumn it is conspicuous because of its group of bright red berries and brilliant foliage.

Dogwood (Cornus nuttallii)

The bloom associated with dogwood was considered emblematic of British Columbia before it had been officially adopted. During World War II, the sale of dogwood lapel pins attained cash to purchase wool also conveniences for British Columbian soldiers. It had been eventually officially adopted as Uk Columbia’s official rose in 1956.

it is easy to understand the reason why the dogwood is indeed preferred. The enormous white flowers developing on twenty- to forty-foot woods are a magnificent sight. Various other types of dogwoods have already been followed as formal woods or plants by Virginia, new york, and Missouri. New Jersey chose a dogwood as its official “memorial tree.” researchgate rtve

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