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Puntchesakut Lake Provincial Park includes more or less 38 hectares of carefully rolling aspen forest. On the east side of Puntchesakut Lake, the park offers 1200 metres of waterfront, including a beautiful stretch of sandy coastline and is readily available from Quesnel.

Most entertainment tasks tend to be lake focused. Angling for trout in the springtime and fall could very well be typically the most popular pursuit, with fishermen often getting trout up to 3 lb in size. Other activities feature cycling, sunbathing, canoeing, sailing, and waterskiing. The park is also popular for picnicking. Hunting just isn't permitted in Puntchesakut Lake Provincial Park.

Remain secure and safe: The park aids multiple lake-oriented tasks. Please adopt safe boating treatments at all times, and get conscious of canoeists, kayakers, and swimmers.

Area and Maps

Take note: Any maps detailed tend to be for information just – they may perhaps not portray legal boundaries and may not be used for navigation. The playground is found around 40 kilometer west of Quesnel. It may be accessed via Nazko path (well-maintained and paved), and the travel takes approx 25 minutes. For extra chart information, kindly refer to topographical chart figures: 1:50, 000 93B/15.

Nature and tradition

  • Conservation: Puntchesakut Lake Provincial Park is situated in the inner Plateau, and is characterized by gently moving surface and attractive, virtually pure aspen woodland. The shoreline of willow and birch offers tone and cover for seafood and other wildlife.
  • Wildlife: The lake aids a wide variety of seafood types, such as, rocky hill whitefish and rainbow trout. The moving landscapes in and surrounding the park normally residence to moose and deer, with occasional porcupines, coyotes, and black bear.
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