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Park in Quesnel Canada

Pinnacles Provincial Park includes roughly 124 hectares of pine woodland overlooking Baker Creek. The park is a popular day-use area and it is readily available from Quesnel. From Pinnacles viewpoint, visitors benefit from the special formation of “Hoodoos, ” and a picturesque view of the city of Quesnel and Baker Creek.

The playground is available all year for day-use and sightseeing regardless of the locked gate on entry; camping is not permitted. The park provides a chance for a nice 1 km hike along a well preserved path into the perspective; allow quarter-hour for access. Horse riding within the park isn't permitted. The hoodoos are delicate, kindly never climb on or near them.

  • Climbing on stone formations accelerates erosion and ruins the scenic value of the area. Please view the hoodoos from founded viewpoint just; continue to be behind the fence.
Remain Secure And Safe:
  • The perspective is a location with steep cliffs. Please workout careful attention and stay in designated watching places.
  • Bring your own personal normal water as potable water isn't available in the park.

Location and Maps

Take note: Any maps detailed are for information only – they could perhaps not represent appropriate boundaries and really should never be employed for navigation. The park is found 8 kilometer from downtown Quesnel. It can be accessed via Pinnacles Road (paved) in western Quesnel from Highway 97. For additional chart information, kindly make reference to topographical chart number: 1:50, 000 93B/15.

Nature and Culture

  • Conservation: Pinnacles Provincial Park shields an extremely special formation of hoodoos. These hoodoos started their particular development 12 million years back, whenever molten lava streaming over the earth’s area cooled in level basalt levels over older layers of ash and rock. The Ice Age used, and when the ice size receded, melt-water streams eroded the area below Pinnacles Park. The hoodoos are created from the results of this all-natural erosion and weathering. The basalt is eroded away, exposing the greater amount of resistant ash layer, and often producing brilliant groups of shade as individual basalt levels are removed. The hoodoos at Pinnacles Provincial Park tend to be fragile, because they are nonetheless undergoing these forces of erosion and weathering. The Pinnacles perspective provides an unobstructed view of these impressive geological formations.


The playground provides an opportunity for a pleasing 1 km hike along a well-maintained trail to the viewpoint; allow quarter-hour for access. On your own safety and the preservation for the playground, obey published signs and stick to designated trails. Shortcutting trails destroys vegetation and earth construction.

Pets on Leash

Pets/domestic creatures needs to be on a leash constantly and generally are not allowed in beach areas or park buildings. You may be responsible for their particular behavior and must dump their particular excrement. Backcountry places aren't ideal for puppies or other pets due to wildlife problems together with possibility of difficulties with bears.

Wildlife Watching

The park provides a chance for a nice 1 km hike along a well-maintained path toward standpoint regarding the hoodoos.

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