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Interesting Facts of British Columbia

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Coat of Arms

Like the banner, the coating of arms reflects many key aspects of the province. The crest is that associated with the Queen, draped with a garland of dogwood blossoms. The shield is a version associated with provincial flag, and sitting on either side are a wapiti (symbolizing Vancouver Island) and a bighorn sheep when it comes to mainland. The motto Splendor Sine Occasu and will be converted as splendour without diminishment in addition to “shining without a sunset.” (similar to the sun's rays never-setting regarding the British Empire.)



You will find 29 areas each identified by both lots and a title. The biggest by population is the Greater Vancouver region with 2.3 million residents in its 2, 883 square kilometres therefore the biggest by area may be the Stikine area which can be maybe not formally classified as a district.vancouver Only 629 people live-in the practically 119, 000 sq. km, making Stikine also the smallest amount of densely inhabited area in addition to one using fewest residents. The Comox Valley gets the tiniest area at 1, 701 sq. km and following the Stikine Region the Central Coast is the minimum populated with a little over 3, 000 residents.


All of the 4.6 million residents reside around Vancouver and Victoria, slowly getting thinner towards north. The ethnicities represented tend to be diverse from very first- and second-generation Germans, Ukrainians, and Scandinavians to Scottish and French and a great number of of Chinese lineage. The Métis, Inuit and very first Nations additionally represent a big part of the population.wells grey park punchbowl uk columbia English is considered the most extensively talked language with French a distant second and multiple various other tongues represented.

Premier Cities

With a populace of greater than half a million, Vancouver could be the largest of B.C.’s metropolitan areas. Nearby Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond and Coquitlam may also be in the top ten and together they comprise most of the more Vancouver Regional District. Abbotsford within the Fraser Valley, Kelowna in Central Okanagan, Kamloops, Nanaimo and Victoria – the provincial money – round from top ten record.


Seven of Canada’s National Parks lie inside the province and there are a large number of provincial parks. Above 12 per cent associated with province is under protection including 141 environmental reserves, 35 marine areas, 13 history and historic internet sites together with 7 nationwide parks. Furthermore, another 47, 000 sq km of land is protected because of the Agricultural Land Reserve.

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