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Images of British Columbia

We now have roughly 10, 000 paintings, drawings and images depicting British Columbia, most of them by British Columbia musicians and artists. The vast majority of these are described within item degree as they are searchable on the web. About 6, 000 of those have actually an electronic digital picture that may be seen.

As well as the works of typically significant BC performers, there are numerous works by army employees, surveyors, miners, pioneers and amateur sketchers. The pictures they produced supply an excellent visual record for researchers in an array of fields, from geology, biology and climate change to art history, sociology and anthropology.

Element of our collection predates the rise in popularity of photography when you look at the belated 1860s and 1870s, and provides the only supply of artistic information on that duration. We now have many photos for the province’s colonial days, and a few unusual eighteenth-century views of research as well as the fur trade. Works within our collection tend to be used in displays including getting used for research and study.

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