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Vancouver is generally utilized as an entry and/or exit point for Canadian Rockies. So, even though the Canadian Rockies are nearly 800 kilometer (500 kilometers) from Vancouver, it appears appropriate to offer an information page on dealing with the Rockies in the Vancouver element of TripAdvisor's Inside Pages.


In the summertime and fall, operating provides optimum mobility for selecting your route as well as stopping where and when you would like. Additionally, if two or more people are revealing a car, operating is one of the most inexpensive methods to go and through Canadian Rockies.

Be aware that if you pick up a vehicle in one single town (express Vancouver) and drop it well an additional town (express Calgary), it's likely you'll bear a one-way fall off fee which could include quite a bit toward cost of leasing a car. Discover, and obtain in writing, the terms that affect your rental. Ask if the daily price includes endless kilometres. Ask if you need to pay even more for an additional driver. If you're having to pay beforehand, ask exactly what charges - like the 5percent GST possibly - will undoubtedly be payable at your destination.

Also be aware that if you should be undertaking the journey in the summertime or autumn, you don't have to hire a 4x4 vehicle. The roads tend to be paved, and an everyday vehicle are capable of all of them completely well.

Operating from Vancouver to your Canadian Rockies isn't advised during the cold winter months - right from the start of November to the end of April. The transitional months of October that will tend to be somewhat risky too. From November through April it really is highly recommended you fly from Vancouver to Calgary or Edmonton and access the Canadian Rockies by road after that.

Before driving on mountains & most truly prior to trying winter driving, it is suggested your tourist consult the TripAdvisor web page entitled .

If you're travelling at yours rate, but just like the concept of a led trip, consider renting a GyPSy Guide - a little product that runs on GPS technology and plugs into the automobile stereo. It'll instantly trigger commentary about history, geology, instructions and quirky Canadian stories. and it has more than 4000 things between Vancouver, Victoria as much as the Canadian Rockies.

offers a planned coach service.

Observe that Greyhound's planned buses travel from 1 downtown core to a different. They just do not take people to scenic lookout things situated on part roads


Two trains provide the Canadian Rockies.

The very first is the train that journeys from Vancouver to Jasper three times a week from May through October and two times a week the remainder year. ViaRail renders Vancouver on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays at 8:30 PM and shows up in Jasper nationwide Park, in heart of this Canadian Rockies, the next mid-day at 4:00 PM.

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