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Less planning, more performing

Invest a shorter time worrying, and much more time enjoying your holiday. Let our knowledgeable Visitor Centre staff help with all your journey preparation needs, in one convenient place. Check us out to:

  • Buy Tickets
  • Make Bookings
  • Arrange Transport
  • Book Accommodation
  • Get neighborhood guidance and information

The Visitor Centre is Victoria's official visitor resource and our knowledgeable staff can respond to all your concerns plus. Drop into pick up free leaflets and maps, book hotels and seats in your area, and make reservations for trips and transportation. You may come away with some great insider's ideas to make your stay a lot more enjoyable!

Tourism Victoria while the Visitor Centre proudly acknowledges the financial assistance provided by Destination British Columbia, the City of Victoria in addition to District of Saanich. Their particular continuous assistance help us to give information to visitors and locals alike.

Hours of procedure

Visitor Centre (available year-round, hours differ seasonally):

Fall/Winter Hours: Open daily from 9:00am - 5:00pm

Shut Xmas Day, Boxing Day and New-year's Time

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