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British Columbia Rivers

The part associated with the history Rivers plan is always to motivate community-based stewardship, to give you a model for public involvement in river management, to formally recognize outstanding types of our river heritage and also to mirror the sight per lake even as we transfer to the long run.

Beginning in 1995 the B.C. history streams System worked to select 20 streams agent of the diversity of B.C.’s Rivers. The very first 7 rivers were designated in 1996. Around 2000 the ultimate two (2) rivers were proclaimed additionally the system ended up being finished. British Columbia joined the Canadian history Rivers System in 1995. Today you will find three (3) B.C. streams designated in national program. The history River system will be able to work to designate two (2) extra B.C. history streams to Canadian history River reputation.

Cowichan River 10 12 Months Tracking Report

Moving 47 km from Cowichan Lake to Cowichan Bay, the Cowichan River is part for the conventional territory associated with Cowichan very first Nation. They have lived on its banks, plied its waters, made use of and looked after its resources for thousands of years.

In current history the lake happens to be renowned for exemplary fishing, natural beauty, whitewater fun in winter season and swimming/tubing in the summertime. The key stem associated with river ended up being designated as a Canadian history River in 2003. In Canadian history Rivers system, it's the obligation of managing jurisdictions to organize a ten-year tracking are accountable to ensure that the lake consistently hold the outstanding all-natural, cultural and recreational values that it had been designated.

See the Report right here [PDF 1.35MB]

Cowichan River Designation

On November 5, 2005, a plaque commemorating the Cowichan River’s designation toward Canadian history Rivers System had been revealed by federal, provincial and very first countries officials. Here is the shared news release and backgrounder for more information.

Fraser River 10 12 Months Monitoring Report

Going 1, 370 kilometres from the headwaters inside Rocky Mountains to its lips in the Strait of Georgia, the Fraser River is the longest river in British Columbia. Well known for its biological diversity and natural splendor, the Fraser drains above a-quarter of this province. The Fraser River Basin is currently residence to 2.73 million men and women or 67% of British Columbia’s (B.C.) population. The primary stem of lake was selected as a Canadian history River in 1997 and designated in 1998 in recognition of the excellent normal, social, and recreational values.

In the last ten years, one of the keys natural and cultural heritage values, and leisure values of Fraser River that supported its Canadian history River designation stay and are usually explained inside report. When you look at the framework of this report, additionally it is prompt to flag the difficulties ahead for the Fraser. While Canada is endowed with 7percent of world’s freshwater, its streams are not resistant towards the pressures on freshwater ecosystems global. The Fraser River is vulnerable to the effects of adult population growth, habitat reduction and degradation, pollution and unpleasant types, and also to the overarching danger of weather change, which impacts water circulation regimes and conditions.

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