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The guide is provided in estimated chronological purchase. But is important to start out the procedure early and arrange for delays, as timelines and requirements may vary by municipality, area, or period.

Each municipality in B.C. has actually particular requirements for starting a restaurant. To confirm certain requirements in your town, speak to your local municipality.

Fast Reference Guide

An infographic that illustrates the process of starting a restaurant, and about when to start thinking about each step.


A printable list that will help you record your progress while you finalize the actions necessary for beginning a restaurant.

  • Business Preparing
    Create a small business plan, find out about marketplace demographics, and become conscious of the licenses and licences you will need.
  • ocation & Zoning
    Find out about zoning limitations inside municipality, reviewing your lease, and required renovations and licenses.
  • egister your online business
    Get a business name and register your company with government companies.
  • Licenses and Licences
    More info regarding licences and allows expected to start a restaurant, and where you should apply for them.
  • Staff Members
    Information on hiring workers, needed certifications, plus the B.C. Job Standards Act.
  • peration & upkeep
    Read about items to consider when you available: collecting tax, renewing permits and licences, and annual assessments.
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