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*Non-resident indicates - a person who is certainly not a citizen but that is a Canadian resident or arrived immigrant, or there primary citizen is in other places in Canada and it has resided in Canada for preceding one year.

*Non-resident Alien indicates - someone who is neither a citizen nor a non-resident.

Costs at the mercy of alter, G.S.T. perhaps not included (add an extra 5% on charge)

Licence Kind Fee
Searching Licence issued to:
a non-resident to hunt wildlife $75
a non-resident alien to hunt wildlife $180
a person to hunt inside Gulf Islands special hunting area $2
an applicant for a childhood licence $7
a person to hunt within the Fraser Valley special area ten dollars
Species licence to hunt:
Black Bear
Caribou $230
Mule Deer, including Black-tailed Deer and Fallow-deer $125
Elk $250
Grizzly Bear $1030
Hill Goat $350
Hill Sheep $620
Wolf $50
White-tailed Deer
Queen Charlotte Isles Deer $25
Upland game birds
Bobcat $40
Bison $700
Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permit - this really is a government enable the national Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permits are for sale to acquisition on the internet and through Canada article organizations many independent suppliers.
Duplicate content of:
a Gulf Islands Special region searching licence $1
a childhood hunting licence
any licence
for a missing, stolen or damaged licence No Charge

Definition of Non-resident is:

Youth Licence

Efficient April 1, 2013, a broadened age range when it comes to Youth searching Licence is going to be ultimately, rendering it available for childhood many years 10 to 17 many years, inclusive. Formerly, this variety of the childhood (‘junior’) shopping licence ended up being 10 to 13 years.

It's predicted the latest licence is offered at Service BC areas and regional vendors no later than March 20, 2013.

Growing this range of the childhood shopping licence aims to make certain that hunting stays inexpensive for childhood and their own families. In addition makes it much simpler for childhood many years 14 to 17 (inclusive) to give shopping a go and do have more mentorship options since they are not expected to very first complete the Conservation and Outdoor Recreation knowledge (CORE) program. A youth who is a B.C. citizen and has now finished CORE may buy a grown-up hunting licence; but a Hunter quantity Card is first needed.

As previously required, a moms and dad or guardian must buy, also hold, the youth shopping licence on the behalf of the youth. To shop for the childhood hunting licence, the parent or even the guardian must signal an “Acknowledgement of Responsibility” kind, verifying the parent or guardian will undoubtedly be totally responsible for those things of his or her youngster or ward while the kid or ward is shopping or carrying a firearm. Youth (ages 10 to 17, inclusive) who be involved in looking in B.C. should be followed closely by, and in close private supervision of, a grownup 18 years or age or older, just who holds a hunting licence (unless exempted) and fulfills the qualifications as a supervising hunter.

Supervising Hunter For Youth
A supervising hunter should be 18 years old or older, hold a searching licence (aside from an initiation searching licence) or be exempted from holding a hunting licence, and meet the prescribed qualifications.

The prescribed skills are:

  • if person is a resident, the individual must hold a resident hunter quantity card (unless exempted);
  • if the person is a non-resident or non-resident alien, the individual must-have passed a hunter protection training program anywhere in Canada and/or United States Of America;
  • the person must-have held a hunting licence, besides an initiation hunting licence, in B.C. (unless exempted), or a licence to hunt somewhere else, in maybe not fewer than 3 of every associated with the licence years preceding the current licence year;
  • in the event that individual is an Indian moving into B.C., paragraphs (a) to (c) cannot apply and individual must have obtained learning hunting and formerly hunted lawfully without supervision, and
  • anyone must not be forbidden from carrying or possessing a firearm.

The supervising hunter may accompany no more than two youths previously (or only two initiation licence holders, or one youth and another initiation licence owner).

Bag Limitations
Individual species licences is almost certainly not purchased beneath the youth hunting licence; youth under this licence lack someone case restriction for online game. The supervising hunter must hold the appropriate uncancelled types licence for any species this is certainly hunted. Any game killed by a youth must certanly be taken into account and it is part of the bag restriction associated with supervising hunter.

A B.C. citizen childhood just who holds a legitimate expanded childhood searching licence may hunt in a Limited Entry search (LEH) if followed by and beneath the close guidance of a grown-up just who keeps a legitimate species licence and a legitimate LEH authorization. The supervising hunter must terminate the species licence whenever an animal is taken and it is element of their bag limitation.

If childhood, on whose account a childhood searching licence happens to be issued, is hunting with an authorized guide, the prescribed qualifications in item (a) to (c) cannot connect with the supervising hunter in addition to childhood is allowed their particular bag restrictions for small game only.

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