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Quesnel Rodeo British Columbia

Barkerville Cattle DriveThe Quesnel Rodeo could be the largest amateur rodeo in British Columbia and proud to be a part associated with British Columbia Rodeo Association. Our volunteer committee works hard to hold united states one of the more exciting and entertaining rodeos in British Columbia. The Quesnel Rodeo Club, was created in 1966 and is making its forty forth year this year. But the origins of this Quesnel Rodeo dates back another hundred years. Back once again to the 1860’s, when enterprising cattlemen and their particular sturdy cowboys drove numerous of cattle in to the Cariboo from current Washington and Idaho States to give the hungry miners looking for gold throughout the Cariboo Gold Rush. Some cattle were driven as far as a thousand kilometers, using many months to perform. It has been approximated that a 1000 head of cattle were required annually to give these hungry miners. Numerous these miners found success when they quit looking for that evasive yellowish steel when you look at the ground and started a number of the very first cattle ranches within the Cariboo, after that offered beef towards the miners. Many of these ranches continue to be in operation today.

Exactly the same skills, determination, commitment, fortitude and determination to, reported by users “Cowboy –Up” that was required by the cowboys and cowgirls just who very first drove cattle into the Cariboo and started these very early ranches, is mirrored and respected because of the cowboys and cowgirls whom compete during the Quesnel Rodeo.

The cowboys and cowgirls you will end up watching at our rodeo will share the rodeo arena with rodeo livestock. These creatures, in their own right, are trained athletes. Without well conditioned and healthy animals, the cowboys and cowgirls would not be able to compete at their best.

In some events, such saddle bronc, it's the cowboy contending against a four-legged athlete. Various other activities, eg barrel race, it is a joint effort - the combined skill and training regarding the horse in addition to rider which wins the round. So if you should find yourself cheering for bulls, and/or bucking ponies, don’t feel bad.. . you are cheering for a superb athlete.

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