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  • Vancouver's Three F Festivals: The people, the Fringe, additionally the movie are the three F's at issue. The Folk Fest brings people and world-beat songs to a waterfront stage in Jericho Park. The setting is gorgeous, the songs great, while the group something else. Far more urban could be the Fringe, a festival of brand new and initial plays that takes place in the arty Commercial Drive location. The plays tend to be beautifully inventive; in addition to this, they are short and low priced. In October, the movies worldwide come to Vancouver. Really serious film buffs buy a pass and see all 500 flicks (or as much as they are able to before their eyeballs fall-out).
  • Celebration of Light (Vancouver): This 3-night fireworks extravaganza happens over English Bay in Vancouver. Three worldwide's leading fireworks producers are asked to express their nations in competitors against each other, establishing their utmost displays to music. On fourth evening, all three businesses introduce their finales.
  • Market in Park (Salt Spring Island): The little town of Ganges fills to bursting every Saturday early morning, as neighborhood farmers, craftspeople, and flea entrepreneurs gather to talk, trade, and mill aimlessly. Along with ages of hippies, sturdy housewives, fashion-conscious Eurotrash, and rich famous people all blended collectively, the event has the experience of a weird and benevolent ritual.
  • World Championship Bathtub Race (Nanaimo): Imagine guiding a claw-foot tub over the 58km (36-mile) Georgia Strait from Nanaimo to Vancouver: which is just how this hilarious and goofily competitive boat-race began. These days, lots of tubbers attempt the crossing within July's weeklong Marine Festival, with a street fair, parade, and ritual vessel burning and fireworks screen.
  • Calgary Stampede: throughout of united states, there is nothing like Calgary Stampede. Obviously oahu is the world's largest rodeo, but it is additionally a few concerts, an art program, an open-air casino, a carnival, a street dance - you title it, it is certainly going on someplace here. In July, most of Calgary is a party - and you also're welcomed.

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