British Columbia Culture Facts

  • In 2014, B.C.’s growth in culture gross domestic product (GDP) ended up being higher than the national average.
  • B.C. consistently has got the third-highest culture GDP and tasks in the united kingdom, in front of Alberta and behind Ontario and Quebec.
  • B.C.’s total culture GDP in 2014 had been about $6.7 billion, a $1 billion boost since 2010.
  • B.C.’s culture GDP represents 3% of B.C.’s economy and 12.2percent of tradition GDP in Canada

Other interesting records:

  • Around 88, 000 volunteers and 126, 000 donors help arts and tradition in BC.
  • In 2012, British Columbia was the Canadian province using highest quantity of working artists.
  • Performing arts companies in British Columbia earned $146.6 million in 2012.
  • Non-profit carrying out arts businesses in Brit Columbia staged 7, 162 performances in 2012.
  • British Columbians are far more likely than other Canadians to aid the arts, with just over 13 % of Canada’s population, British Columbia accounted for almost 16 percent of total attendance at activities in Canada during 2012.
  • There was a 56% boost in the sheer number of music artists in Canada between 1989 and 2013. This will be higher than the 38per cent boost in the general labour power. The sheer number of cultural workers in Canada increased by 47% between 1989 and 2013.

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British Columbia Culture
British Columbia Culture

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