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The US black colored bear (Ursus americanus) is considered the most common and commonly distributed of this three bears found in Canada.

BC boasts one of the greatest communities of black bears in the world using their figures becoming approximately 120 and 150 thousand pets. Essentially all BC is recognized as “bear country” with bears inhabiting everything from the coastal forests, through to the interior grasslands. From north to south and east to west within province you’ll have an opportunity to see black bears.

Since we typically locate our homes, city, ranches and facilities in prime bear habitat, it appears to reason why you will see a chance for dispute by using these creatures. Calls on Conservation Officer Reporting Line regarding bear conflicts and bear sightings can host anywhere from 14, 000 to 25, 000 calls in a-year.

To lessen the possibility for disputes with bears generally and black colored bears particularly, it is necessary you learn up to you'll about this pet also to read and stick to the information provided right here:

The American Black bear (Ursus americanus)

  • Adult men measure between 60-90 cm at shoulder height and consider between 80-300 kilograms.
  • While labeled as a black bear, these animals are presented in a number of colours – anything from the white Kermode bear through to their particular namesake black colored & most colors of brown in the middle.
  • Bears have actually eyesight and hearing as good as or much better than that humans. The myth about bears having bad vision flow from partly toward bears practice of standing and evidently exploring just as if getting a much better look at people. What is more likely the outcome is that the bear is standing for a far better smell people.
  • Adult black bears have actually few predators in the open: grizzly bears and wolves tend to be concerning the only animals which will try to destroy a full grown black colored bear.
  • Younger black bears might be preyed upon by adult male black bears, grizzly bears, wolves, coyotes, and cougars.
  • Black holds can stay is over thirty years of age in the open but additionally live is about fifteen to two decades of age.
  • Ebony bears are incredibly quick and that can operate equally as really uphill or down.
  • Bears inhabit most ecosystems throughout BC and you ought to look at the whole province become “bear country”.
  • Bears are typically individual creatures besides when sows tend to be with their younger and have a tendency to only congregate if you have a good amount of food.
  • While bears have actually a “home range” they don't have an area which they protect as his or her own. Bears will tolerate various other bears inside their presence if you find a good amount of meals such as for example a run of salmon.
  • Bears are omnivorous creatures with vegetation creating about 80% of the diet together with rest via things such as tiny rats, fish, insects, carrion (dead animals) and often younger deer, elk or moose.
  • Bears have an incredibly sense of odor and can smell food from over a kilometer away.
  • Because bears need such great stores of fat to really make it through the wintertime they have been voracious eaters and that can eat over 20, 000 calories a-day. This phase of intense eating is called hyperphagia.
  • Bears enter a-deep rest or denning period, often from November right through to April.
  • Some black colored bears, often men, cannot hibernate if climate is great and food continues to be numerous.
  • Throughout the denning period, bears will not defecate or urinate.
  • Bears drop around 30% of their body weight within the cold temperatures.
  • Bears partner in belated Summer and embryos don't implant through to the fall and just in the event that feminine has actually enough stores of fat to support the young through nursing period within the den.
  • Youthful black bears are called cubs.
  • Black bears tend to be born within the den and so are from 250g to 500g in body weight, eyes closed and reasonably helpless.
  • Cubs are between 2-5 kilograms in proportions if they leave the den in belated April.
  • Feminine bears tend to their particular youthful for nearly 2 yrs and can provide delivery to as much as five youthful but twins are more the norm.
  • Bears have a feeling of smell far greater than compared to puppies and it's also this sense of odor that can help them locate meals at great distances.

Bear cubs and sow at waterhole from WildSafeBC on Vimeo.

Reducing conflicts in which we live

Since we share exactly the same landscape with bears, it stands to reason that you will find going to be times when bears will be within our living space (equally we have been frequently in theirs). So long as a bear is going through our neighborhood, is not ongoing, and is not interacting with united states or our residential property then there's no dispute. There are lots of situations when a bear going through community is to be anticipated: e.g. when they are wanting to access an all natural meals resource eg a fish bearing flow or hoping to get to foraging opportunities on the reverse side of that which was once their regular home range.

When bears quit moving through community and start utilizing the community as a foraging area for human-provided foods after that conflicts progress. Bears that start using human-provided meals (anthropogenic foods into the terms associated with the biologists) becomes food-conditioned. When a bear begins equating humans with meals, they could lose their natural wariness of humans and start to become what exactly is known as human-habituated (frequently simply referred to as being habituated). An habituated bear tolerates humans in much closer distance than what exactly is safe for both bears and people. This escalates the possibility of a dangerous interacting with each other involving the bears and us.

Consider the after two scenarios: you were walking alongside an habituated bear plus one startles the bear – like a-sudden sound or something like that drops besides the bear. The bear’s “fight or flight” instincts come into play immediately and seeing no safe way out of the situation the bear instinctively charges the human, fatally mauls him (or her) and escapes off into the surrounding forests. Today think about the exact same situation, but because the bear have not yet been habituated to people, he does not let the individual get also near to him in the first place. Now when startled, the bear, features enough space between him plus the individual and will opt for journey rather than fight and safely retreats towards the woodland and no-one is injured.

All sorts of things that habituated bears allow people to obtain also near. It really is our belief your best way to avoid dispute is: keep bears from becoming food-conditioned and from getting human habituated.

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