Grizzly Bear Hunts

British Columbia bear hunts

Black Bear HuntingBC Guide Outfitters happens to be the top Black Bear functions in British Columbia. Our constant collect of immense Ebony Bears, and, our high density of shade stage, has actually set us independent of the rest.

Our hill Ebony Bear possess some for the thickest coats worldwide, considering looking within weeks of this bears growing from hibernation. Six to seven foot squared bears are harvested annually. Adult Bear skulls normal 18-21 inches.

The goal we shoot for is 100percent chance; for that reason, our hunting territories offer Ebony Bear hunts. These hunts can be found when you look at the spring or fall. Approach to searching is perhaps all spot and stalk (NO BAIT) and is certain to offer a heart beating adventure. We have several stalks occurring regularly.

We conduct base camp and spike camp hunts. Spring and fall hunts. We now have finished four television shows with Boone & Crockett nation which two of them were spring spot & stalk style hunts. We don’t simply do Ebony Bear hunts as an add-on or incidental pet; we have been your hill Black Bear specialists.

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British Columbia bears
British Columbia bears

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