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British Columbia

Province, Canada

CapitalPopulation(2011) 4, 400, 057Total area (sq mi)364, 764Total location (sq km)944, 735PremierChristy Clark (Liberal Party)Date of admission1871Provincial motto"Slendor sine occasu (Splendour without diminishment)"Provincial flowerPacific dogwood36 (of 308)Time zonePacific (GMT − 8 hours)
Mountain (GMT − 7 hours)

British Columbia, westernmost of ’s 10 provinces. It's bounded into north by as well as the , into the east by the province of , towards the south by the states of , , and , and also to the west by the plus the southern panhandle area regarding the U.S. condition of . It extends some 730 kilometers (1, 180 km) from north to south and 640 kilometers (1, 030 kilometer) from east to west at its widest point. The land has actually a diversity of weather and surroundings unrivaled in Canada, from the island-studded and fjord-indented shore towards the great peaks regarding the western continental cordilleras, with their huge interior plateaus.

One of several last areas of the us continent is explored and settled, British Columbia emerged inside last half associated with twentieth century among the leading provinces of Canada in populace, financial wide range, and overall development. Its main locations feature , the largest ports of Canada as well as western , and , the provincial money, on the southeastern tip of . Area 364, 764 square kilometers (944, 735 square kilometer). Pop. (2011) 4, 400, 057.


The vast territory of British Columbia lies nearly totally within the great hill system, or , that stretches along the western edge of the Americas from north of the to , at southernmost extremity of . These hills divide the province in ranges lined up in a northwest-southeast direction, creating a series of valleys and an extensive central interior plateau in which real human settlement has focused. The two major ranges will be the , which lie into the western an element of the province, plus the Canadian percentage of the in eastern component. The province achieves its greatest height in the far northwest at (15, 300 legs [4, 663 metres]), found in the (a selection of the Coast Mountains) regarding the Alaskan border. A huge selection of coast-hugging islands—the biggest of which tend to be Vancouver Island and (formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands)—offer a protected waterway across the coastline, that is indented by narrow fjords that twist inland towards basics of towering hills. The broad Fraser delta, behind Vancouver south, could be the largest of this limited seaside . Inside inside lots of the broad plateaus are cut by deep canyons and totally surrounded by hill ranges, such as the Cassiar, Omineca, Skeena, and Hazelton mountains within the north and within the southeast.

Archery. Woman pointing bow and arrow at target. (athlete; sport)Drainage

The province includes three primary river methods: the in the north; the , which drains most of this interior plateau; together with in the southeastern and south-central areas. Lesser rivers, for instance the , Nass, Iskut, and , strain the northwestern area to the Pacific, whilst the system drains the northeastern area to the .

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The , the actual only real significant river that lies entirely inside the province, rises when you look at the Rockies near the , flows north and southwestward to , in which it converts nearly due south for 300 kilometers (480 kilometer), streaming to , after which westward through rich farmlands to the ocean south of Vancouver. The follows the northward, bends all over northern end of this , and converts south to move in to the Arrow Lakes and in to the U.S. says of plus . The additionally becomes a formidable stream in the , however it cuts eastward through Rockies and in to the flatlands section of Alberta.

Most of the several thousand lakes tend to be little, however they are very important to water they shop in a day and age whenever is becoming a prized resource. The more expensive ponds manufactured lengthy and slim because of the north-south hill ranges that confine all of them when you look at the deep and narrow valleys in every parts of the province. Atlin and Teslin when you look at the northwest extend into Yukon. Babine, Stuart, Shuswap, , and François, including 90 to 200 square kilometers (230 to 520 square kilometer) in area, are important salmon-spawning ponds. The Arrow and Kootenay lakes are important as storage space reservoirs for hydroelectric flowers.


About two-thirds regarding the land location is forested, while just a small portion has earth appropriate agriculture. The absolute most valuable grounds of British Columbia will be the alluvial grounds that created on sand and silt deposited by channels and streams. These incredibly fertile grounds, positioned mainly in the lower Fraser area, tend to be of minimal degree. Unique areas of unforested open grassland over the Fraser River, south of Williams Lake, plus the Kamloops-Meritt area south regarding the North have rich pedocal soils where Brit Columbia’s ranching sector flourishes. Comparable prairie grassland soils lie in Peace River country, really the only the main province suitable for large-scale whole grain farming. The greater amount of considerable but much shallower podzol grounds cover the wet places, specifically over the coastline, in which they maintain a dense forest address.

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About British Columbia
About British Columbia

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