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Accessibility: Road (4 wheel drive, 2 wheel drive, or motor house)
Services: Toilet - Wood, Dining Table - Log, Fire-ring
Activities: Boating, Camping, Angling
Information: tiny 2 device website at mouth of Horsefly lake, great lauch for small ships onto Quesnel lake before the campsite. 1 open web site across from motorboat launch. ****NOTE***** restricted room to turn around for trailers beyond vessel launch.
Operating Directions: From Horsefly, stick to the Mitchell Bay Road, change right on the Horsefly Bay Road, hold staying right and campsite is then end for the roadway.

Accessibility: path (4 wheel drive, 2 wheel drive, or engine home)
Services: Boat Launch - Gravel, Toilet - Wood, Table - Sign
Activities: Viewing, Kayaking, Angling
Information: *** NOTICE**** The campsite remains available following the breach at Mt. Polley Mine. There might be a rise in industrail traffic in your community. Huge open grassy internet sites situated on the financial institutions of Quesnel Lake. Lots of room to show around, arranged camp
Operating guidelines: From Horsefly, stick to the Mitchell Bay Road, after that on to the Ditch Road. Follow this for a few kilometers therefore the entry toward Rec site will undoubtedly be off the spot to the right

Accessibility: path (4 wheel drive, 2 wheel drive, or engine residence)
Facilities: Boat Introduction - Gravel, Toilet - Wood, Table - Log
Tasks: Boating, Angling, Camping
Information: Sunsets in the coastline? Abbott Creek is the spot, a mid sized rec site over the North Shore of Quesnel Lake, utilizing the majority of the websites challenge in tone associated with the Cottonwood woods across the huge gravel beach. Boat launch is throughout the beach, 4x
Operating Directions: From Likely follow the Cariboo River path, change right-up the slope on Spanish Lake Road(1300rd), follow this for approximately 17km, switch right and follow this roadway till the conclusion. Watch out for truck traffic as mining activity is increasing in the area.

Accessibility: Road (4 wheel drive, 2 wheel drive, or motor residence)
Services: Boat Publish - Cartop (Unimproved), Toilet - Wood, Dining Table - Sign
Tasks: Watching, Boating, Angling
Information: Medium-sized recreation website with several sites right at beach level in the south coast of Quesnel Lake. Six camp sites have been in the trees along access road in, with a turn around at beach area.
Operating instructions: From Horsefly follow the Mitchell Bay road, then onto the Ditch path, Raft Creek is off the Ditch Road

Accessibility: Road (4 wheel drive, 2 wheel drive, or motor house)
Facilities: Boat Introduction - Cartop (Unimproved), Toilet - Wood, Table - Log
Activities: Beach Strategies, Swimming & Bathing, Sailing
Description: If sunrises are your enthusiasm, then discover this beautiful site regarding the Southern coast of Quesnel Lake. Three campsites tend to be "on the coastline, " with a fantastic view of North Arm of Quesnel Lake... If sunsets tend to be more your personal style, always check them away during the
Operating guidelines: From Horsefly BC, mind East onto the Z roadway, stick to the Z road past Keno Lake, and watch for a-sharp left back down towards the web site. Entry is 1.25km lengthy and seems like a personal access. (sign post for Elysia Resort on place)

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