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Mt. Polley Mine and Quesnel Lake, British Columbia, Canada: regarding the right is a Landsat 8 satellite image acquired July 29, 2014, showing the pond intact and Hazeltine Creek scarcely noticeable. Regarding the remaining, the pond has actually breached and grey mine waste can be seen entering Quesnel Lake over five miles away. Origin: USGS/Landsat

*Media – Click here for a full-resolution form of the after image. Credit: USGS via SkyTruth

The president of Imperial Metals, Brian Kynoch, promises your liquid into the tailings pond is “near normal water quality” and indicated disbelief that impoundment could fail therefore catastrophically, even though Canadian officials had given several warnings to Imperial Metals for exceeding water quality criteria for effluent and surpassing the permitted wastewater levels in pond.

Regional residents anticipating the arrival of a salmon run now worry the worst for environment and tourism, specifically as they commence to report lifeless seafood in Quesnel Lake.
Environmental groups across united states will be seeing this story closely because of the similarities on suggested Pebble Mine in Alaska’s Bristol Bay watershed, the world’s most effective wild salmon fishery. Tailings ponds at Pebble my own would protect a surface area 13 times larger than the Mt. Polley impoundment and might have earthen dams taller as compared to Washington Monument.

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