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What is the Climate in British Columbia?

Unusually for a Canadian town, Vancouver has actually relatively mild winters with little snow. The cold atmosphere through the Arctic that sweeps across rest of Canada in winter months struggles to attain Vancouver. The Rocky Mountains block it.

Combine having less Arctic atmosphere aided by the mildness of Vancouver’s location regarding shores associated with Pacific Ocean therefore’s not surprising that Vancouver could be the warmest of Canada’s major metropolitan towns in winter undoubtedly.

Snow depths of more than 1 cm have emerged on about 10 times each year in Vancouver compared with about 65 days in Toronto.

Vancouver features one of several wettest and foggiest climates of Canada’s towns. In some instances, in cold temperatures, it may appear your rain will never stop.

Compensating when it comes to the damp winters, Vancouver typically enjoys excellent summer time weather characterised by very pleasant, warm days with abundant sunshine.

Vancouver also differs from almost every other Canadian metropolitan areas for the reason that it has a genuine spring and fall/autumn. In a lot of Canadian urban centers it usually seems that cozy, summertime weather condition replaces frigid, the winter season in just a few a very few weeks and on occasion even times.

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