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Note: Here accident synopses are transport protection Board of Canada (TSB) Class 5 events, which happened between February 1, 2010, and April 30, 2010. These events never meet the requirements of courses 1 through 4, and they are recorded because of the TSB for feasible protection analysis, statistical reporting, or archival functions. The narratives was updated because of the TSB since book. For more information on anyone occasion, be sure to contact the TSB.

— On February 6, 2010, a privately subscribed Stinson 108-2 had departed from ice surface of Lake Winnipeg, near the lips of the Manigatogan River, for a VFR flight with a pilot and another traveler to Lyncrest airport near Winnipeg, Man. After takeoff, the pilot noted your visibility had deteriorated, and experimented with go back to his departure point. Throughout the change, the pilot encountered whiteout problems and had been unable to preserve visual reference to the ground. The aircraft descended and collided using ice area more or less 4 NM southwest associated with the Manigatogan River. The pilot suffered small accidents additionally the passenger sustained serious accidents. The aircraft sustained substantial damage through the influence, and was later on destroyed if the pilot lit the wreckage to attract relief employees. The disaster locator transmitter (ELT) had been damaged inside fire. TSB File A10C0017.

— On February 8, 2010, a Piper PA-44-180 Seminole with a teacher as well as 2 pupils aboard ended up being carrying out single-engine ways to the Toronto/ Markham, Ont., airport. During incident strategy, the student ended up being having difficulty using strategy and also the pilots forgot to lower the landing equipment. The plane touched straight down utilizing the gear retracted and had been considerably damaged. There have been no accidents. TSB File A10O0025.

— On February 21, 2010, an amateur-built Super Ben 160 took off from an industry around 5 mi. western of Chicoutimi, Que., for a nearby flight in VFR circumstances. During takeoff, the aircraft was pressed out to just the right by a crosswind. The right wing hit a tree additionally the aircraft pivoted and moved into a ditch. The pilot had not been injured. The crisis locator transmitter (ELT) was caused on effect and was straight away deterred because of the pilot. The plane suffered injury to the wings, the propeller, the engine cowl, and also the engine. TSB File A10Q0020.

— On February 21, 2010, an RS Ultra Kangook B driven parachute had been flying above the Saint-Charles- Borromée Park when you look at the Joliette, Que., area as soon as the pilot destroyed control of the aircraft and crashed upon landing. The aircraft suffered major harm. The pilot suffered small accidents. TSB File A10Q0022.

— On March 4, 2010, a wheel- and ski-equipped de Havilland DHC-3T Turbo Otter was landing at Webequie, Ont. Just after touchdown, the aircraft nosed over, striking the propeller and damaging the motor (Pratt & Whitney PT6A-35). The aircraft settled straight back on its rims and remained upright. Information supplied indicated the brakes were frozen. TSB File A10C0026.

— On March 7, 2010, the pilot of a Cessna 172 had been conducting a low-altitude waterfowl study with two people onboard, more or less 14 NM east of Yarmouth, N.S. While performing the study, the motor (Lycoming O-320-B2D) lost energy. The pilot then elected to perform a forced landing on a paved road. The plane contacted a telephone range just prior to touchdown with more or less 600 ft of road staying. The aircraft veered toward suitable, in addition to right-wing struck a stop sign. The plane continued ahead, crossing a ditch and striking a tree before arriving at sleep. The pilot in addition to two individuals were really injured. The aircraft had been substantially damaged. TSB File A10A0025.

— On March 7, 2010, a Hiller UH-12E helicopter was carrying out tree cone harvesting about 10 NM north of Hythe, Alta., whenever on a method the end rotor struck branches. An attempt ended up being designed to pull-up; but this resulted in an over-torque problem while the helicopter fell to your surface in forested surface. The pilot ended up being the lone occupant and had not been hurt. TSB File A10W0044.

— On March 9, 2010, a ski-equipped PA11 Piper was get yourself ready for an exclusive journey inside Gatineau, Que., area. The plane ended up being parked in the edge of a lake. The mooring lines are not connected. Since the aircraft did not have a power system, the motor was begun making use of the propeller. An additional pilot started the motor as the pilot just who possessed the plane was at the controls. Both pilots allow engine heat up, standing away from the prop wash behind the right wing. After a few momemts, in blended effect of the prop wash and also the small pitch of shoreline, the aircraft started to slip toward the pond. Focused on the situation, the pilot who had been maybe not the owner went into the seat using objective of stopping the motor. He was not aware your plane didn't have a combination control with idle cut-off, and that the engine needed to be shut-off by cutting the magneto ignition. It seems that the pilot’s clothes unintentionally relocated the gas control regarding left wall surface of this seat. The engine accelerated, the aircraft climbed over a snowbank and performed a semi-circle in the lake, hitting woods across the shoreline. The pilot on-board wasn't injured. The aircraft sustained major harm. TSB File A10Q0029.

— On March 16, 2010, the pilot for the Beaver RX 550 fundamental ultralight took off on skis from Lac Paré, Que., for a local trip. The aircraft experienced downdraughts through the preliminary climb. It struck some spruce trees then crashed to the roofing of a home. The traveler wasn't hurt, although pilot suffered chest accidents. Firefighters removed the aircraft from the roof since gas had been dripping from aircraft. Two rafters and roofing covering were damaged. The aircraft suffered significant damage. TSB File A10Q0032.

— On March 22, 2010, a Bell 212 helicopter involved with heli-skiing functions apparently encountered whiteout problems while wanting to land in mountainous terrain to fall off skiers 20 mi. west of White Saddle Ranch, near Alexis Creek, B.C. The aircraft drifted out of the landing site, the main rotor blade struck a snow-covered pitch in addition to helicopter rolled onto its right-side. The pilot suffered small accidents. The ten passengers are not injured. TSB File A10P0073.

Helicopter accident The operator took extensive follow-up action and discovered it had
all the best “hard” safety precautions in position, such standards,
SOPs and competency-based training. Consequently, it centered on the
individual facets side of things to avoid a recurrence.

— On March 27, 2010, the pilot of a Cessna 210B ended up being preparing to depart on a cross-country flight and chose to fly a circuit before loading his individuals. As he longer the apparatus through the circuit, the nostrils equipment neglected to extend. After attempting a manual extension, the pilot recycled kit maybe once or twice with the same outcome. He then phoned their maintenance center and obtained suggestions on other sequences to test, nevertheless nostrils equipment couldn't expand. After circling the airport for approximately 3 hr to lessen the gas load, the aircraft landed aided by the main gear extended together with nostrils equipment retracted. The pilot was uninjured, nevertheless aircraft sustained harm to the propeller, engine, nose gear doors, lower cowl, and lower forward fuselage. Maintenance lifted the forward fuselage, pried open the doors, and manually released the nostrils equipment uplock. The gear extended typically and locked straight down. Additional examinations had been in the offing to attempt to replicate the uplock breakdown. TSB File A10W0046.

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