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Positioned in a sub-Mediterranean area, Victoria, British Columbia enjoys the mildest climate in Canada while the driest summers. Victoria boasts an average of 2, 193 hours of sunshine yearly, and an eight month frost free period. Average annual rain is 84 cm or 33.1 inches (compared to over 50 ins in ny). The typical month-to-month rain in winter is 13.5 cm (5.3 ins) plus summer time is not as much as 2.5 cm (1 inches).*


Spring is mild and will arrive since February. Some of Canada remains buried under a blanket of snow, cherry blossomsflood town streets as well as the City of Gardens boasts two million blooms.


Summertime is comfortably hot and dry. Victoria has actually a tremendously low moisture proportion and very nearly continual overseas breezes keep summertime times from becoming too hot and summertime nights cool. This makes Victoria the most perfect area for investing throughout the day at outdoors. Between beautiful shores, great restaurants with sunny patios and numerous celebrations and activities here defintely won't be a shortage of things you can do.

conditions victoriaAutumn

Victoria often enjoys a cozy, bright September with fall showing up late within the thirty days. Deciduous trees change color and yards and golf courses tend to be green and lush through the entire winter months. You can explore nature's spectacles on a calming fall stroll and get into the Halloween spirit within the haunted capital of British Columbia.


Victoria obtains rainfall during January, February and March, with occasional light snowfall. Although winters tend to be mild and hardly ever include snow, warmer clothes is recommended involving the months of November and March. As Victoria gets prepared for xmas, the town is full of lights and a hot drink will keep you hot and sensation cozy.

Normal Conditions in Victoria

  • *The climate data presented here represent the worth of each meteorological parameter per month of the year. The sampling duration because of this information addresses 30 years. Taken from Environment Canada Victoria airport terminal weather condition place.

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