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Sandman Quesnel Canada

1963, Bob Gaglardi takes loan of $5, 000

A new Bob Gaglardi takes out financing of $5, 000 and ventures in to the hospitality and real estate business together with new organization, Northland characteristics Inc.

1967, The first 35-unit Sandman Inn opens in Smithers

Initial 35-unit Sandman Inn opens in Smithers, BC. Near to top highways, it really is successful with travellers pursuing comfortable road-side accommodations and a beneficial night’s remainder.

1968, Sandman expands to Kamloops

Sandman expands to Kamloops, BC with a 3-storey inn. Making certain visitors have everything they need readily available, the property leases aside an on-site restaurant, Ye Olde Coffee Tavern.

1969, Sandman expands to Cache Creek

Sandman expands to Cache Creek, BC with a new 35-unit inn and a 70-seat Ye Olde Coffee Tavern restaurant.

1970, Sandman Inn Blue River opens in BC

Sandman Inn Blue River opens in BC. With 37-units and a 90-seat Ye Olde Coffee Tavern, it rapidly gains recognition.

1971, The 52-unit Sandman Inn Princeton opens

The 52-unit Sandman Inn Princeton starts with a Ye Olde Coffee Tavern on-site.

1972, Sandman opens up its largest inn yet

Quickly becoming an accepted title in the market, Sandman opens up its largest inn yet, the Sandman Inn Prince George, BC.

1973, Sandman Inns open in both Cranbrook and Williams Lake

Sandman Inns open both in Cranbrook and Williams Lake, BC. Growing their particular variety of amenities and services, the two new locations provide banquet and conference facilities as well as new Sandman Restaurants.

1974, Two more Sandman Inns open in BC

Two more Sandman Inns open in BC: a 72-unit Sandman Inn Vernon and a 37-room Sandman Inn McBride. Both places have actually banquet rooms and restaurants.

 1975, growing both the presence and calibre of the hotels

Broadening the existence and calibre of these hotels, Sandman opens two more inns in BC, Terrace and Kelowna. With 72 and 120 spaces respectively, both locations function restaurants; along with banquet and meeting facilities, Kelowna is the first courtyard residential property with 3-floors overlooking a specific atrium.

1976, Sandman starts initially central City place: Vancouver

Adding a level to your company profile, Sandman proudly opens its very first main city location – Sandman Resort Vancouver. A contemporary, fully-equipped high rise, this resort sets the building blocks for the company’s effective foray into higher end hotel accommodations.

Sandman in addition expands its presence to Alberta with the 150-unit Sandman Hotel western Edmonton while including another BC residential property for their roster utilizing the Sandman Inn Revelstoke.

1977, growing City real-estate in Vancouver, BC

Expanding their particular city real estate, Northland qualities opens up 2 office developments within the active Broadway corridor of Vancouver, BC.

1979, Northland opens up a 3rd workplace tower when you look at the heart Vancouver, BC.

Northland opens a third office tower inside heart Vancouver, BC.

1980, Sandman opens its biggest city centre hotel

Sandman starts its largest city center hotel with the Sandman Hotel Downtown Calgary. With 301-rooms, this high-rise offers convenience when you look at the heart regarding the city. A second tower opens up alongside the resort for commercial renting reasons. It includes 270, 000 square feet of leasable room.

1982, The 141-room Sandman Hotel Penticton opens

The 141-room Sandman Hotel Penticton opens up. Featuring an atrium and courtyard idea, additionally provides banquet and meeting services for up to 400 individuals and a 150-seat club.

1990, Unity between resorts and Restaurants

Establishing the conventional for brand name unity between resort hotels and restaurants, Northland acquires the rights to Denny’s Restaurants in west Canada, supplying guests convenient on-site access to a trusted name into the food business.

1992, A success with travellers and guests

Profitable with travellers and visitors, two extra Heartland Restaurants convert to Denny’s Restaurants at the Sandman Inn Prince George and also the Sandman Inn Vernon.

 1994, Sandman Hotel Edmonton and Sandman Hotel Penticton open Denny’s Restaurants

Sandman resort Edmonton and Sandman resort Penticton open Denny’s Restaurants with substantial seating capacities.

1995, Northland enters their resorts, restaurants,

Northland goes into their particular accommodations, restaurants, and properties into appearing markets. Initial separate Denny’s area opens up in Vancouver’s popular West End neighbourhood and gains appeal quickly. The Sandman Inn Kamloops expands by the addition of 32-suite products and 55-residential apartment devices.

1996, The separate Denny’s idea is popular

The standalone Denny’s idea is a winner, ushering a trend of restaurants in west Canada. Four new Denny’s locations available: 3 in Edmonton area – Sherwood Park, Gateway Boulevard, and 25th opportunity – and one in downtown Calgary.

1997, With a thrilling ten years of improvements

With an exciting decade of additions, Northland is growing rapidly. Not merely does a unique 146-room Sandman resort open in Langley with a 181-seat Denny’s, but Northland’s restaurant brands increase with all the Shark Club Bar & Grill.
The prosperity of Denny’s ushers in 2 brand-new restaurants in North Kamloops and downtown Edmonton.
Continuing to innovate and cater to the needs of their developing customer base, Sandman Hotel Williams Lake adds a building comprising of 31-residential apartments and 31 extra hotel rooms.

1998, Northland acquires the legal rights on Moxie’s

With foresight into the potential of Canada’s food & hospitality marketplace, Northland acquires the legal rights to your Moxie’s chain of 24 company-owned and franchised restaurants. Your choice is a sudden success using the first brand-new idea Moxie’s Vintage Grill opening to rave reviews in the Shawnessy area of Calgary. Initial franchised Moxie’s place under Northland ownership opens on Bayshore Buying Centre in Ottawa.

Throughout BC and Alberta, both Denny’s and Sandman continue to develop and gain recognition. Sandman resort Grande Prairie opens with an on-site Denny’s and a standalone Denny’s starts in Crowfoot, Calgary.

Property development expands over the two provinces rapidly using very first free standing apartment building, the Northland Apartments Grande Prairie, and also the Northland Apartments building in North Kamloops. The Sandman Inn Prince George opens extra 74-suites.

1999, The Sandman resort Victoria starts with 100 units

The Sandman Hotel Victoria opens with 100 units plus the Sandman resort Vancouver Airport with 172-rooms.
The Moxie’s Vintage Grill in Chinook Centre, Calgary reopens after considerable restorations into new idea. 1st Moxie’s within a Sandman Hotel starts in Richmond, BC. Kingston, ON also saw the opening of a franchised Moxie’s. In Quesnel, the very first Denny’s diner started seating 98 men and women therefore the Williams Lake Shark Club opened.

2000, Two brand-new Shark groups open in Victoria and Saskatoon

Sandman Hotels open in Saskatoon, Quesnel, and Red Deer. Sandman Hotel Vancouver goes through a significant remodelling by the addition of a fresh 87-room tower. Sandman Suites in Vernon opens comprising of 19-apartment products and 27-suite areas.

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