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Vancouver, incorporated in 1886, is considered the most populous city in West Canada. Vancouver may be the 8th biggest city in Canada. 48per cent of Vancouver residents speak English as a 1st language. On the Pacific Rim, Vancouver has got the biggest port in Canada. The cost of living is greater in Vancouver than in many towns in North America. Vancouver had been host into the 2010 Paralympics plus the 2010 Winter Olympics.


Typical Tall - 72, Average Minimal - 32


Hockey - Canucks

Baseball - Lions (CFL)

Baseball Canadians (A)

Soccer - Whitecaps (MLS)

Basketball - Titans (IBL)

Criminal Activity Price

Vancouver prices fairly high in residential property criminal activity and substantially lower in violent criminal activity. The crime rate in general in Vancouver has diminished in the last few years.

Top Areas

Burnaby is a neighborhood of North Vancouver, east of Burnaby Lake. Burnaby is bounded on the north by Sprott Street, on the west by Kinsington Avenue, on south by Deer Lake Parkway, as well as on the east by Royal Oak Avenue. the Trans-Canada Highway bisects a nearby of Burnaby. The community of Burnaby is mainly residential with two green methods inside its edges. The housing stock in Burnaby is mostly domestic. There are leasing properties located in the south portion of the community.

Coquitlam is a municipality in Vancouver. Coquitlam is loosely bounded by Johnson Street toward east, David Avenue towards the north, Shaughennessy toward west, and Barnett Highway towards the south. Coquitlam has actually a commercial sector included in the community. Lafrange Lake and Glen Park supply the residents of Coquitlam water and outside recreational possibilities. Class District 43 provides general public schools throughout the community for people to select from. The housing stock in Coquitlam is blended with single household houses, condos and apartment complexes to select from. Coquitlam's residential district style neighborhood is fantastic for people who commute into larger municipalities for work. Coquitlam is pedestrian friendly, bike friendly and public transportation is very easily accessed.

Maple Ridge is a municipality in Vancouver and was included in 1874. Maple Ridge, consists of numerous tiny neighborhoods, is loosely bounded by Dewdney Trunk Road in the north and Haney by-Pass on south. There are a number of brand-new domestic communities building within Maple Ridge. Many of the residents of Maple Ridge make use of public transport to travel into Vancouver. There are a variety of green spaces throughout the Maple Ridge community. The housing stock in Maple Ridge consists mainly of single household domiciles. There are numerous apartment communities found through the Maple Ridge area.

Langley was integrated as a municipality in 1955. Langley is loosely bounded regarding south by Grade Crescent, in the eastern by 20th Street, regarding north by Langley Bypass and on the west-by twentieth Street. Kwanthlen Polytechnic University Langley Campus is situated in the northwest element of the community. There are a number of green ways into the Langley community that give opportunities for great outdoor pleasure. Langley keeps two annual celebrations that draw plenty of site visitors in to the community. The housing stock in Langley is made up mostly of solitary family domiciles. There are certain condo and apartment communities found in the Langley neighborhood for all looking to relocate there.

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