Of British Columbia

British Columbia Abbreviations

Geographical locations simply take durations. For that reason B.C. means British Columbia and BC does not. An exception to the applies and then proper brand name or business brands.

  • BC Ferries, BC Hydro, the B.C. federal government

Don’t write "the province" whenever you indicate Brit Columbia, its government and/or public service.

Utilize abbreviations sparingly, unless commonly known and trusted or even to improve the readability and flow of the content.

Explain abbreviations and acronyms and place the short-form in brackets the first time you utilize all of them.

  • Provincial sales income tax (PST)
  • Personal training number (PEN)

Just use abbreviations and acronyms by themselves if they're well-known to many visitors or if perhaps the total term is challenging pronounce. In which required, include a short description to greatly help the reader.

  • Avoid: deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)
  • Usage: DNA, the carrier of hereditary information

Avoid e.g. or for example. Instead, make use of basic language for instance or put differently to present examples.

Don't use etc. after a series which introduced by such as for instance or for example.

Utilize each CAPS for abbreviations and acronyms which can be commonly capitalized.


Abbreviations should provide the audience, not the publisher.

If everybody knows an abbreviation there's no need certainly to describe or establish it.

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